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This good character is a heroine.

Emma is a character created by Vange. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of Many Faces".


Emma is a beautiful young woman. She has brown eyes and short reddish brown hair. However she is self conscious about having a slightly big nose and thin lips. During the beginning of the story, she and her friend Jessie auditioned to become models for a magazine company. It was known as: Spree. However due to her lack of confidence in her appearance, she did not pose for very good pictures. Therefore she did not make the cut.

So in the dressing room Jessie comforted her. She told her that she would make the next cut. Also to not give up because she was beautiful as well. Hearing this she doubted herself. Due to her facial insecurities. Suddenly a gorgeous blonde girl appeared. She told that she was indeed beautiful. She asked her if she was interested in performing in the theater. She was awestruck to hear this. She told her that she had only dreamed of doing it. The blonde girl was a talent scout. She was from: "The Madame Visage Theater Company". She gave her a card. Before leaving, she told her to check the place out if; she was interested.

Feeling she had nothing to lose, she went to the theater. When entering the building, She saw a nervous blonde girl in a porcelain mask runaway from her. Then she saw another blonde girl in a porcelain mask, wearing a green house coat. The girl was very hostile, still she asked her what she wanted. She informed her that she had come to see Madame Visage. So she was lead the way.

She was shown to the dressing room. Soon she met Madame Visage. She was indeed a gorgeous woman. She asked her if she was still interested in joining her theater. She said that she was. Therefore Madame Visage inspected her face. She saw see great potential in her face. Madame informed her that she would be perfect for the lead role in her new play. She advised her to properly prepare for it. Madame Visage gave her a small jar of special face powder. All she needed to do, was constantly apply the special face powder to her face. Madame Visage, explained that it was created over three hundred years ago. The powder, conditioned the skin. It gives it amazing properties. She could just see that by looking at Madame Visage, that she was living proof. Therefore the powder worked. So she was now more than convinced to try it. Madame Visage told her to use the powder constantly, before coming back the next day.

The Next day at Spree, she came over to see Jessie. By now her skin was glowing and she looked radiant. Jacques the photographer didn't recognize her. Now he was stunned by her beauty and how he ever overlooked her the other day. So she began to pose as Jacques took pictures of her. Jacques, was now so impressed and convinced with her newfound beauty. So he chose her to be the cover girl for Spree magazine. She was rejoiced and Jessie was so happy for her they hugged and everyone else clapped.

In the dressing room, Jessie asked her how she improved her appearance so soon. She told her, that it was from using the special face powder given to her from Madame Visage. Jessie seemed concerned over her meeting a stranger. So she asked her who she was. She said that she was the same woman who wanted her as the lead in her next play. Then she said goodbye and headed back to the theater. When back in Madame Visage's dressing room, she excitingly tried to explain her good news to her. However Madame Visage, did not even seem to care. Because all she was interested in, was how much better her face was becoming.

Then Madame Visage, clapped her handed saying that was ready. Then two masked girls entered the room. One of the girls unlocked a cabinet, and gave Madame Visage a special book. The book contained life like pictures of many girl's faces. She explained to her that they were her "other" faces. She thought that she just meant pictures of other actresses that she had worked with. She became excited, saying that someday she hoped that she would be in the book as well. Madame Visage just told her: "Sooner than you think".

Madame Visage then tapped her face, and tapped the book. Then Madame Visage's face literally appeared in the book. The two masked girls held her in restrain. She turned around to approach her. She was horrified to see that Madame Visage literally had no face! Madame Visage slowly approached her. Then she touched her face. When touching it, her face instantly transferred onto Madame Visage. Then watching in the mirror, she watched with horror. She now realized that her face had been stolen. Also she now belonged to Madame Visage as a slave.

She was formerly introduced to the two girls who restrained her. Then were addressed as #66 and #87. Since The girls were forbidden to use their names. But may only refer to each other by numbers. The girl in the green housecoat was #66. She seemed to be a head girl and a trusted assistant to Madame Visage. The blonde girl was known as #87. She gave her a blue housecoat and a facial mask to wear. She informed her that from then on she would be known as: #94.

She asked #87 why all the other girls faces were taken. She was told that Madame Visage, was a powerful witch. A witch who had been stealing girls faces to stay young for centuries. Also she did not just want the faces to stay young. She also used the faces for acting in her plays. The captured girls are now her slaves. They now willingly assist Madame Visage and help make her costumes. Also she explained that Madame Visage couldn't be stopped, because she was too powerful. If they do not obey her, she will kick them out back to society. Where everyone else may laugh and ridicule them. The only worse fate is being trapped into the punishment book: Once inside of it; they would never be seen again!

She and #87 formed an immediate bond. She encouraged her to remember what she looked like. So #87 decided to show her, her face in the book. She could see that #66 used to have a gorgeous face. She then helped her remember that her name was Lizzy. She tried to encourage her to use her name again. Then she noticed a cabinet nearby that was locked. Then #66 caught them. So #66 prepared to report them for snooping through through the books. Realizing #66, had the cabinet key she swiped it from her. In response, #66 ran off to report to Madame Visage. After unlocking the cabinet, they found the punishment book. The book was full of many captured screaming girls. Also a small old binder was found. It contained the face of an elderly woman. This was assumed to be Madame Visage's real and original face.

She and Lizzie tried to run away with the punishment book. However there were girls everywhere they turned. Madame Visage cornered them. Madame Visage informed them that and their punishment would be more severe than imaginable. Then she stood up to her. She adamantly told her that she could not steal peoples faces. She may have stolen their faces. But they're still the same people that they always were. Madame Visage scoffed at her, saying that a face is who you are. Also that she had been getting away with it for centuries. She responded by telling her that she was wrong. So now she was going to stop her once and for all. Therefore she threw the punishment book into the fireplace.

Madame Visage laughed and retrieved the book. She claimed that it couldn't be destroyed so easily. Then she and Lizzie were restrained by the other girls. Jessie was present now (having been lured over as the next victim). Jessie became freaked out and wanted to leave now. She explained to Jessie that the woman with her face wasn't her. Seeing her face on someone else, and hearing her voice from another masked person, Jessie was really freaked out now. However Jessie now couldn't leave either. Because now Jessie was held in a restrain as well.

Madame Visage stood before all the girls. She explained that she and Lizzie broke her rules. Therefore they were going to be sent into the punishment book. She tried to encourage the girls to try and remember their names and to fight back. She then explained that their faces may have been taken, but they were still who they always were. So they didn't have to live this way. Suddenly Lizzie stepped forward and said her name. Then #72 said that her name was Kayla. #83 said that her name was Hillary. Madame Visage is furious having repeatedly told them all to be quiet. Madame Visage demands the punishment book. But #74 won't give it to her.

Madame Visage, then took back the punishment book. Madame Visage closed in on her. She told her, that the girls and the faces were all hers. Therefore she owned them all. Then just before she reaches her, #66 now realizes the truth. So #66 joined the mutiny and stood up to Madame. She that her name was Lorette, and that she did not own her. Then two girls tightly held Madame Visage in a restrain. Then she and Lorette decided that it was time to give Madame Visage her real face back. She walked up to Madame Visage with the binder with her original elderly face. Madame Visage begged her not to. Because that face was three hundred years old.

Then she tapped the face onto Madame Visage. Instantly Madame Visage's true old age was restored. Then suddenly Madame Visage plopped down on her desk and fainted. When she checked on her, Madame Visage had instantly died from old age. Becoming a skeleton!

Then slowly she and the rest of the girls took off their masks. They were all ecstatic and rejoiced to find out they had gotten their faces back. She recognized Lorette saying that she knew her. Lorette apologized to her. Since Madame Visage used her face to lure her to the theater, and she and Lizzie hugged. She told Lizzie that they were finally back. Lizzie reminded her that she was right, that they were always here all along.


  • Sarah Edmondson also portrayed the dual roles of Gina & the The Umbra.

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