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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Emma Toll is a character created by Betty Ann. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Nightly Neighbors".


One night she noticed new neighbors: Two parents and a young boy. They were moving into the house across the street. She and her younger brother Dayday found it odd to see that they wore all black,

Then a few days later, she and her brother go over to the meet the new neighbors. There she and her brother saw Delivery man pushing in a huge crates. The delivery man told she and her brother the family was the Braun family and they came from Ukraine. Apparently they brought their own refrigerators with them.

When she and her brother got home, they saw the mailman Mr. Mitchell. He told she and her brother that lately he has been really been under the weather. He also has a strange bandage on his neck. Mr. Mitchell tells she has and her brother that he already met The Brauns. They came over to his house to visit him. Then coincidentally after they did, it was the same night he started feeling sick.

After this, she began to keep a careful eye on the Brauns. She watched them every chance she could. Soon she realized how strange the Brauns really seemed to be. They never spoke to any of the other neighbors and they only came out at late at night time. Also none of the other kid's in the neighborhood ever heard of their son Lex, and he didn't even attend school.

One evening as she was taking out the garbage she was startled, when Lex appeared out of nowhere and asked her if he could come in and play. She told him that it was too late, and he then said okay maybe some other time and left. Also Mr. Mitchell was not the only person with a bandage on his neck and suffering from the sickness many other people in the neighborhood had gotten sick too. Also they had bandages on their necks as well. It was like an outbreak was going around. It started just after the Brauns moved into the neighborhood.

Then one night she had a convincing Nightmare that made everything finally make sense. The nightmare was that late at night her bedroom window burst open. Then a vampire lowered into about to bite her neck. Also the vampire was none other than Mr. Braun. Suddenly it was morning time and she woke up from this nightmare in a screaming terror.

The next morning Emma tried to convince her brother that she was telling the truth about the Brauns being vampires. Because: they wear only black clothing, the color of evil and darkness, they are never seen during the daytime, everyone in the neighborhood began getting that sickness outbreak after they moved in. Also they came from a part of Romania that is near Transylvania.

She was convinced that the mover wasn't bringing in fridges into their house but instead vampire coffins. So she planned to carefully break into their house that night when there out to check their basement for coffins to make sure and she tells her brother that if she doesn't find them then she will let her brother mock and tease her about it as much as he wants but if she does find coffins then they are in big trouble.

Before she ventured out to do her investigation in the Brauns basement, she stapled several long cloves of garlic around the kitchen. Since vampires cannot stand garlic, she said it would repel them. Then she warned her brother not to let them in the house. Since a vampire cannot enter one's home unless they're invited.

She sneaked into the Braun's basement through a basement window. In the basement, she found underneath a table cloth was a big white bunker refrigerator. At first she thought she was wrong all along. So now her brother was really gonna bug her about it. Until she noticed that the fridge was locked. So she attempted to crack the lock open and see what is inside.

Then just as she finally cracks open the clock, she now sees her brother is in basement too. He quickly snuck in to tell her that the Brauns (whom had just visited their house) were now coming home. She directs him to look into the fridge with her, explaining to him that it was locked for some strange reason. After opening it they found many bottles of blood! Then she and her brother hear footsteps from upstairs telling them they're home. So they escape from the basement and get back to their home.

Finding out that their mom has now invited them, she tells her brother that they can now come in whenever they want. So they might very well be their next victims. Then she prepared to hunt and slay them herself. She has made stakes, a baseball bat, and some home-made holy crosses on necklaces for them to wear. She and her brother sneak into the Brauns basement again. Then she tries to crack open the lock on the wall were supposedly the coffins might be. Then it turned out that someone in the house was awake and was coming downstairs. It was Mr. Braun, he was coming downstairs to get something. She and her brother fearfully hid under a table and luckily were not seen.

Leaving the house early the next day, she and her brother saw Mr. and Mrs. Braun. They were shocked to see them awake and during sunny daytime. Then she tried holding out her cross necklace. Then Mrs. Braun just laughed and introduced herself to Emma. Mr. Braun explained to them that their schedules have changed. So now work in the daytime. And the reason they have blood in their house is to store extra units for the hospital. After the Brauns leave, her brother becomes annoyed and mad. So he starts scolding her for her mistaking them to be vampires.

Little did she and her brother know was that Mr. and Mrs. Braun are day walkers whom are partially human and immune to sunlight. They have been doing blood bidding for their pure vampire son. Also tonight he has been invited over to her house play video games!

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