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Eric is a character created by Kiki. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Vacant Lot".


Eric attends the same high school as Catherine and Joyce Crawley, and Sue Simpson. He is a handsome and popular student. He is also an athlete who plays on the school soccer team.

During the events of the story, he and his team were practicing just when the girl's track team finished their practice. He mistakenly kicked the ball over to Catherine Crawly. He apologized and it was the first time he took notice to her. But Catherine lacked confidence in herself. She thought that she too average for him.

The next day, he noticed Catherine again. This time she greatly improved stamina and speed. So she ran first place. He was very impressed. Soon he coincidentally walked by as Catherine was opening her locker. So the locker door hit him. She apologized and he wasn't mad. Since he knew that she didn't mean to do it. He applauded her on how well she could run. He also told her that since he was on the soccer team, they would be seeing a lot of each other. He and she were developing chemistry. Then she was about to ask him out. When suddenly another girl named Heather stopped by. She was a little stuck up and she asked him if they were still on for their date the following night. He said absolutely and left with her holding hands. This upset Catherine, making her feel that she was not good enough for him.

Then another day later, he bumped into Catherine again. She run out of the bathroom, not looking where she was going. Now he noticed that Catherine wore very expensive designer clothing and had a beauty makeover. Then much to his shock and surprise Catherine revealed that she had rare concert tickets. It was a for a band called the Blasters. Which everyone in their school loved. But the tickets were impossible to get and were now sold out. She tried to buy his love and friendship by inviting him to the concert with her. Since he wasn't going steady with Heather, he gladly accepted and agreed to go with her.

However, that night when he went over to her house to pick her up, she took a vey long time getting ready. It turned out that Catherine had been dealing with a mysterious shopkeeper named Marie. Catherine gradually traded Maria her love and positive emotions for all of the free items that she had recently gotten. So now Catherine was cursed by her own greed. Catherine was now disfigured with big painful lesions, sores and blisters. So she couldn't let him see her this way. Soon Catherine returned all of the stuff. Then as a selfless act to spare her sister, she gave Maria her prized ring. This returned the curse back to Marie. Then it healed and restored Catherine and her sister.

When she finally got back home, he could see that he had been waiting a long time. He was about to leave when she came in. She was sad to inform him that she had lost the concert tickets. So she opened the door, assuming he would just leave now. However, he didn't care that she lost them. He just liked her for who she was, and not what she could give him. So he happily took her for a walk to take the time to get to know her know better.


  • Andrew Walker also portrayed Bucky.

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