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Erica Angelli is a character created by Sam. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Dream Girl".


Erica and her brother Johnny were very close. A short time before the events of the story took place, her brother tragically died in an accident. He was trying to save his girlfriend Donna Maitland when the car stalled on the train tracks.

She was devastated. she loved her brother and missed him very much. Then shortly after the accident, her brother's ghost came back home. He had amnesia. Therefore he did not remember what had happened. She was rejoiced that he had come back home. Now she and him lived happily together as a family again. Soon she realized that she was the only person who could now see him. So she kept this secret to herself. Still she knew that one day, he would get his memory back and decide to crossover. So she braced herself for the day when she would have to say her goodbye.

In the meantime, she tried to make her brother feel as happy as he could be. She got them jobs at the bowling alley. She was a waitress and he was a maintenance man. However she never disclosed it to him that the boss didn't know he was working there, and that only she could see him. This was why her boss thought that the place never seemed to get dirty or need any repair.

Then one night, her brother found his girlfriend's ring. When he put it on, it would not come off. Donna's ghost was summoned and she tried to persuade him to crossover with her. She was very upset, since she knew that the time was coming. So she tried to scare her brother by telling him that Donna was dead and she was trying to take him to the afterlife with her. But he was just too enamored by Donna to resist her.

Then she helped her brother find Donna's gravestone in the cemetery, so he could return her ring to her. She remarked over how he was able to find the grave so quick and easily. Then she hinted to him that perhaps he has been in the cemetery before and to tell her what she means. Then she helped him get all of his memories back. Now Johnny realized that he was Donna's boyfriend who died in the accident with her. Also she was the only one who could see him, after he came back as a ghost and acted like nothing had happened. She tried to convince him that they still had each other. So he could stay with her. Then they could still be a family.

Then she saw how happy Donna was to see that he came back to her. So she decided it was time to let him go. She just wanted him to be happy again. So she and Johnny had their final goodbye, told each other they loved each other. Then with permission Johnny gave her the ring to help her always remember him. She sadly watched her brother and Donna hold hands and walk through the dense fog to the afterlife. But she was also happy to know that he would be happy again. Finally being reunited with his dream girl.

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