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This good character is a hero.

Ethan Wood is a character created by Betty Ann. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Ghastly Grinner".


He was a teenager who was a talented artist who dreamt of becoming a real comic book artist. However every publishing comic he mailed samples of his artwork too rejected him and turned him down. Until one day A woman who ran a new comic book shop called Comic Books Inc mailed him an invitation to her new comic book shop. She heard about how good his artwork was and just needed to see it for herself. After Frankie saw his artwork she just knew Ethan had the potential to become just like one of the greatest comic book artists there is.

She rewarded him with a free one of a kind comic book called "The Ghastly Grinner". A comic book about an evil jester like clown who feeds off peoples emotions and turns them uncontrollable, laughing and drooling idiots.

Ethan, was reading the comic book in science class. Until his strict science teacher Mr. Wrightson took it away from him and dropped it into the fish tank. This ruined and soaked the comic book, When Ethan brought it home he tried to dried the comic book but putting it into the microwave. However this turned out to be a very serious mistake. Because his mother overloaded the electrical outlet and plugged far too many kitchen appliances in one outlet. This cause an explosion that brought The Ghastly Grinner into the real world.

In no time at all Ethan realized, that he accidentally released the Ghastly Grinner into the real world. Because right away it victimized both his mom and dad, turning them both into laughing and drooling idiots.

When, he ran from his house he ran into his classmate, Hooper Picalarro who he was talking to on the phone at the time when the explosion in the microwave happened. She came over to see if he was all right, and informed her right away about what he did and all the trouble they were in. Also Hooper's parents were lured over to the wood's house and in no time at all they were turned into Laughing, drooling idiots too.

Ethan, and Hooper went onto the city bus to ride to the comic shop to ask Frankie how to stop the Grinner. But on the way they found out the bus driver, driving the bus was already turned into a laughing and drooling idiot too. The ride down town was very dangerous, and the bus driver kept trying to crash the bus until he bumped his head and passed out and Ethan and Hooper made it out okay.

At the comic shop, Ethan learns from the shopkeeper that the creator of the comic Sylvester Uncas was her father. Her father accidentally created something too evil too handle and was trying to wrap it up as soon as he could. Therefore he tried to make the final issue right away but The Grinner captured him before it could be finished and hasn't been seen ever since. Also that the comic book is a guidebook to another world and now thanks to Ethan, he brought the Ghastly Grinner to their world where he can have all the fresh new victims he wants. Then the Grinner appears and makes Frankie disappear too.

First with Hooper's suggestion they try to expose him to the rays emitting from a microwave at their science class in school. Because looking at the unfinished comic, it's hinted that a microwave was the answer to defeat The Ghastly Grinner. However when He turned it on it didn't seem to do anything or harm the Grinner in anyway.

Finally, Ethan and Hooper head back to comic book shop. There Ethan quickly and carefully finishes the last comic book including a super hero Ethan based on himself. When he presents the comic to The Ghastly Grinner, they run into each other and enter the comic book world for a showdown.

In the comic book, Hooper reads that Ethan has the advantage. He punches out The Ghastly Grinner and rescues Frankie and her Father and then exposes the Grinner to the rays of a microwave which seems to work and zap the grinner dead.

Then, for a moment it says in his comic he can't get out and then The Ghastly Grinner sneaks up on him from behind and is about to victimize him. Until Hooper erases The Ghastly Grinner's face off and Ethan is released from the comic book world also Frankie and her father are free too.

With support and possibly some sponsorship from Sylvester Uncas, Ethan finally does become a famous and successful comic book artist. With his own comic book about a hero named Ethan.

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