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Evan Lewis is a character created by Gary. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Renegade Virus".


Lately he and his friend Simon had been playing pranks on each other, by now he was getting fed up with the way Simon treated him. Especially after that following morning when Simon tricked him to use his bike to ride to school on time. This resulted in him getting there late.

At school, he suddenly could not open his locker, and Simon admitted to him that for fun he switched their locks, annoying him once again. Then he asked a pretty girl named Sonya if she was going with anyone to the game on Saturday. She revealed to him that she was going with Simon. Much to his disappointment and annoyance again. Then he had a little hissy fit about how it always seemed to be about Simon.

He arrived to class late and their teacher Mr. Smith lectured him, about being late and he asked him to try to arrive on time. Simon told him he was sorry. Then he told Simon to just wait and see. Then his teacher lectured him again. This time for talking out loud in class.

Then after school, he found out that Mr. Poe, the school's science and computer teacher, who had been working on a new computer program for months, was finally finished. He and Simon had been bugging Mr. Poe to let them try it first. So he excitingly went out to get Simon. He told him the great news. Then they headed off to the school computer department. There they saw that Mr. Poe had set the program up. The person who tries out the game needs to lie down in a recliner chair and have a headset of goggles and headphones put on their head. He allowed Simon to try out the program first.

It was a program that Mr. Poe has invented himself. It was a virtual reality program in which the person can change what place or period of time they want to visit and feel like they're really there and it's all controlled in the person's mind. The person had three choices:

  1. A trip to the planet Saturn.
  2. A trip to the middle ages as a knight of the round table.
  3. A trip to prehistoric times to see the dinosaurs.

Simon chose The Knight's of the round table. Then Mr. Poe began to set it up and he monitored it while Mr. Poe answers the phone. Just as Mr. Poe was about to start the game, a warning alert message came up. It said that the computer had a virus in it. Mr. Poe, carefully stopped and removed the virus and safely ran the program. However what Mr. Poe didn't realize was that he was a computer hacker, and he placed another virus in the program that was not yet detected!

The virus he implanted was for Simon, to see the way his life would look if he was the one who had no good luck. And to learn how he made him feel. In the simulation, Simon saw him and called to him. Now he was the one who taunted Simon. So he asked him "What's the matter, forgot your combo?". Then he and Sonya happily walked off together.

Soon he get a message that Simon connected to his computer. So he got on the computer in Mr. Poe's department, and started messaging him back. He revealed to him that he was the one who put The Virus into the programming. Also that he did it as payback to him for all the pranks and misery he recently caused him.

He offered to stop The Virus if he apologized, so Simon did. Then he revealed that the virus shouldn't harm him and could be easily undone. Then Simon showed him his hand. It had a gamepad port on it. So the virus, became a renegade virus and it wanted to connect to it and take over Simon's brain! He looked in horror saying he didn't know that was going to happen and it was not what he wanted. So he tried to enter the abort code but he got frozen out. Before he got cut off, all Simon could hear from him was the code is my com...

Then when the computer gave Simon a hint "What's the matter? forgot your combo?". Simon figured that it was his locker combination. Simon luckily entered the code, just before the virus could connect to his hand and take over his brain.

Back to reality. Mr. Poe said that he had no idea how a virus could have gotten in there. Simon looks at him and said me neither. Then Simon overlooked what he did, saying it was probably just an accident. Then he and Simon made up. Then he apologized to him saying that it wasn't supposed to happen and he just wanted some payback. Simon said it was cool and was no longer mad at him. So they left school and went home.

Meanwhile a custodian rolled his bucket pass them, to reveal the hand of the virus gripping on the rim of the bucket. This revealed that the virus somehow entered the real world anyways!


  • His shirt was the same one worn by Tucker in several episodes throughout the show, furthering the implication that Tucker was the one responsible for Gary's computer virus.

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