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 The Evil Chameleon, appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Chameleons", she was portrayed by Tamera Mowry-Housley.


The Evil Chameleon is a Chameleon from a race of evil reptiles who are plotting to take over the world. She was being kept housed in a

"Don't you recognize me?"

terrarium in a pet store. Her fellow Chameleon who has taken over the body of a Red Haired Boy, lured Janice Robinson and Sharon to her terrarium.

The boy encouraged them to touch her, So she Janice tried to pet it her on the head, but she bit Janice on the finger and when Janice knocked over the terrarium she escaped and entered her mom's grocery bag followed them  home. The Red Haired Boy took off after telling them their rhyme  "Bite you once bite you twice a little water pay the price!". 

She entered Janice's house when the groceries were brought inside. That night as Janice was brushing Sharon's hair, she ran in bite her for a second time. When Sharon goes to bed, She gave Janice a frightening shock, by presenting herself as twin clone of her. She had transformed into her and planned to switch places with her and take over Janice's life. She was about to throw water onto Janice, from the fish aquarium when Sharon came back in to see her. Therefore she changed back and ran off.

She stalked Janice all night and planned to ambush her in the bathroom. When Janice went to the bathroom to brush her teeth,  she noticed someone left the shower on. She slowly approached it and opened it to find no one was inside,. Suddenly she quickly ran up to her and told her she was going to enjoy her life and pushed her into the shower. The water instantly turned her Janice a Chameleon. She laughed in victory and tried to kill her with a pair of scissors to avoid her cover being blown but Janice ran off.

She started to take over Janice's life, by sucking up to her parents and accepting a plain pink dress to wear to the school dance. She lied to Janice's parents saying she phone and cancel the mini dress, when really she phone a pet store and ordered a big full of more Chameleons.

Sharon had become very suspicious noticing Janice wasn't acting like her usual self. Also Sharon witnessed her eating a live pet fish right from the aquarium. She suspected Sharon was spying on her. Therefore she questions Sharon to determine how suspicious she was.

Eventually Janice (as a Chameleon) bit her foot and she spilled carrot juice all over Sharon. She grabbed Janice in a towel and threw into the sink. Sharon wanted to know what was wrong with her and she said nothing and flared her true Chameleon eyes at her. Sharon then realized the truth and she didn't deny anything, She told her that every day thousands of Chameleons are out there, more of them are changing places with humans everyday. Sharon took a dangerous risk putting her hand into the garbage disposal and pulled her out just in time as it was turned on.

Later outside in the backyard, Sharon was going to dump the box full of extra Chameleons down the well. She ran over to her and grabbed the box back and insisted her not to hurt her family. Sharon told her she was going to get caught sooner or later. She laughed it off saying that nobody else will know until its too late. She opened the box pointing to the chameleons inside of it and asked Sharon to just give up and surrender. She didn't know that Janice somehow got into the box and bit her for the second time and changed back to herself. Janice told Sharon to quickly spray her with the hose. She screamed no and decided to spin her and Janice around in circles and Sharon couldn't tell which one was the real Janice.

Sharon couldn't tell which one was the real Janice. Then one of them said she could prove that she was the real Janice. To prove it, she did something only the real Janice would do, which was taking the box of Chameleons and dumping them down the well. The other Janice said that it was a trick. Sharon believed the one who dumped them down the well and then sprayed the other Janice. The other Janice screamed no and turned back to a Chameleon and was thrown down into the well and She pushed the bucket back down into the well before going back inside.

Later that night she went back to the well and retrieve her family of Chameleons who all managed to climb into the well bucket. She apologizes for throwing them down the well saying she knew they would find the bucket. She then see Chameleon Janice in the water at the bottom of the well and says that she hopes she can swim!

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