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This Magical Item is Evil!

The Evil Dollhouse, was an evil magical item created by Betty Ann. It was shown in the episode, "The Tale of the Dollmaker".



Anybody home?

The origins of this dollhouse are unknown. This evil dollhouse was a complete miniature replica of the Henderson's family home. On the top floor of the Henderson's home, is the attic. The attic for some unknown reason, had a front door leading to the outside. However, there is nothing on the outside. If a person were to step through, they would likely fall to their death or get seriously injured.

This may have been the result of a construction error, or the outdoor deck being torn down. Or perhaps the door just automatically appeared in the attic, when the dollhouse somehow arrived. The door could just be a direct trapping portal.

The reason why this dollhouse is evil and captures its victims for any reason is unknown. The theory could be that it's a structure or artifact of evil that is disguised as a Dollhouse. With the intent to capture unsuspecting victims, and then turn them into dolls. Or that it's haunted by an evil spirit who captures its victims. Then it adds them to live as dolls inside of itself. It also has the powers to cast illusions. Also it places its victims into trances to willing come inside. Also, around this dollhouse is type of force field which blocks out sound.

The longer the victim is trapped inside of it, the harder it becomes to escape from it. The only escape, would be to climb up into its attic and jump out of the window and exit the force field. But until recently, escape was impossible. The door to the attic, was sealed off and blocked by a bookcase. Also, the longer the victims are trapped inside of it, the more fragile they become. The victims slowly turn into fragile porcelain dolls. It makes their hands too delicate to move the bookcase. Also gradually, the longer the victim is trapped inside, the more they become like a real doll. The transformation is complete with a porcelain body, rosy cheeks and dolls clothing.

Then soon, a girl named Melissa studied the inside of this dollhouse. She mapped out an escape plan, and realized the bookcase was blocking the entrance to the attic. Melissa did this to rescue her best friend Susan Henderson. Susan Henderson has been trapped inside of it for several months. Susan had become too delicate to move the heavy bookcase herself without the risk of shattering into pieces, so Melissa had to do it instead.

As it was seen, when escaping from this dollhouse and exiting the force field, the victims are changed back to normal. When Melissa and Susan escaped, she informed her Uncle Pete and told him all about it. Uncle Pete had his hunches and suspicions about it for a quite while. Therefore, he destroyed this Dollhouse by burning it in a big bonfire.