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Felix is a character created by Sam. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Night Shift".


Felix was a teenage janitor, who worked the night shift's at United Hospital. He was friends was Amanda, a hard-working teenage girl whom he cared about very much. Felix was a bit of a clumsy and disobedient slacker.

One night, without permission, he was in the receiving department of the hospital, where he signed for a delivery. The delivery was a large crate supposedly with a water pump inside of it. Shortly after he signed for it, it apparently went missing, and when the hospital administrator Jack Palmer heard about what happened and that he signed for it, he threatened to fire him if he didn't find the water pump and sort everything out.

Felix went back to the basement searching for the missing water pump, little did he know the danger that awaited him. Because the crate didn't contain a water pump, instead it contain a coffin with an evil vampire! When he came down to receiving, he was frustrated and annoyed about how his boss had lectured him and threatened to fire him.

Then suddenly, nearby in the basement a beautiful blonde woman with short blonde hear appeared from nowhere. She called out to him, saying she wanted to show him something. Allured by the girl's charm and beauty, he let his guard down and willingly followed her. Then suddenly The beautiful girl, transformed into a terrifying vampire and closed in on him and bit him and drank his blood and made him the first victim of the night.

He was hidden inside the morgue, either to avoid suspicion, or wait until later on when he'd transform and begin to prey on his own victims. However Margot the Vampire didn't realize that too much of his blood was taken from him too soon, and his transformation was setting in rapidly along with powers and urges.

He patiently waited until someone found him, in no time at all the Margot the Vampire had preyed on most of the staff and patients during the night shift. When his friend Amanda and her soon to be boyfriend Colin found him, they were terrified to see he was becoming a vampire. However he was strong and was able to fight it off, possibly cause of his commitment to his friendship with Amanda. He informed them that the hospital was in peril, and just about everyone had became victims and minions of Margot now.


Felix, gains his fangs and nearly bites Colin!!!

Also he seemed to have a link to the Margot's mind or to Margot's race of vampire. Possibly because he received this knowledge when he was bitten, and he knew immediately that since it was nighttime, that the only way to kill Margot was burn and destroy his coffin.

However, Margot intervened as he, Colin and Amanda were getting ready to lift the coffin and throw it into the incinerator. Margot apologized to him, for not realizing he would be transforming so soon, and closed in on him to try and finish him off. Then soon afterwards, Amanda used her self as decoy to lure the vampire away and give him and Colin their chance to destroy the coffin.

He now was a partial vampire, and his urges were getting much harder to fight off. Also Colin being sick with tonsillitis was having trouble moving the coffin.  Felix, now gained his vampire fangs, and preyed on Colin. All he could think about now was feeding, and was preparing to bite him. Then when Colin reminded him, that if they didn't hurry Amanda would get killed, with concern for his dear friend he was able to fight it off again.

Finally he and Colin pushed the coffin in the incinerator. Then the vampire engulfed in burning flames and was destroyed. Then in no time at all everyone else in the hospital was back to normal and had no memories of what had happened. He was back to normal again too, but for some reason he kept his memory about what happened, possibly because he had been the first victim.


  • Jorgito Vargas, Jr. seven years later got a bigger break and became well known for his portrayal as Blake Bradley/the Navy Thunder Ranger in Power Rangers Ninja Storm.

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