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"You might say.. I SORTA DIED! HAHAHAH"

Flynn is a character created by Frank. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Phantom Cab".


He was the phantom cab driver. Forty years earlier in about 1952 one night he drove Dr. Vink up to his cabin in the woods. Dr. Vink offered him a big tip if he could solve his riddle. He could not solve the riddle so to be able to leave he let Dr. Vink cut off his right hand and save it for a science specimen. When he left, he was killed when his cab crashed into a tree. Now, his ghost lured people to Vink's cabin so that they relive the accident, killing all of them and giving Vink new specimens.

One night appearing as his normal human self he found two young boys named Denny Crocker and his brother Buzz Crocker who were lost in the woods. As usual he brought them up to Dr. Vink's Cabin, and tells them before they goes asking for help to make sure they really need it and sometimes the price Dr. Vink charges is a little steep. Also he asks them if they're any good at solving riddles?

Not too long later, he finds Denny and Buzz and realizes that they couldn't solve the riddle either. He tells them that they're just like all the people he's been bringing up Dr. Vink's cabin for the past 40 years. Since Dr. Vink needs his specimens he has no choice but to relive his accident and crash into the tree with the two of them inside the car. Flynn claimed that as long as the passengers were still in the cab before it crashed they could still solve the riddle and be freed. Flynn was just about to relive and crash his cab into the tree, when Buzz solves the riddle in the nick of time and frees them and Flynn and his cab vanished.


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