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This Magical Item is Evil!

The Forever Game was an evil magical item created by Tucker. It was featured in the episode "The Tale of the Forever Game".



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The Forever Game was created eons ago, as a method for trapping people in the woods. The creators of the game are unknown. Other than the possibilities of it being manifested from evil in the world. Or having been created by evil nature spirits.

The game was linked to a small area in the woods. This area was located on an off course trail. This small area had a certain specific weird tree in the center of the area. Once any person or animal entered this area, they were permanently trapped inside the area. It was like a never ending maze. This weird tree served as an obelisk for both the area and the game. Also by just touching the bark on this weird tree, it would cause a person or creature to be instantly teleported into the underground chamber.

This underground chamber served as both a game room and a prison. Once inside, a person would usually stumble upon another person. This person was the player who had lost the previous game. Therefore they had been kept prisoner forever. Until another person arrived to play the next game and lose to them. The current prisoner would then persuade, convince or sweet talk the new arrival into playing the game with them. In the middle of the game was a viewing globe. In which the players could see and hear everything going on outside. But they could not see or hear the players.

The game was a two-player race. The players would start at a pitchfork tree, spin the number spinner. Then go any path they chose. Then the first player to reach the finish would win. The winner would be freed, and the loser would have to stay behind in the chamber forever. Also once inside the underground chamber, or trapped inside the small wooded area, the captives do not age. However once they are freed, time will catch up with them. Therefore they may end up dying from old age. Or in the very least now be elderly.

The only way for people to escape being trapped in the wooded area, or trapped inside the underground chamber, is after someone wins the Forever Game. However the game is extremely dangerous. Due to the affects from the buttons that players land their game pieces on. These buttons cause the captives trapped in the wooded area, to stumble onto traps caused by: Bad weather, allergic reactions, accident and injury. Even being preyed on by the Burden Beast.

Known Buttons and Affects:

  1. Potpourri: When this button is activated, various pretty colored flower petals are blown onto the captives in the woods. Although it may smell good, some captives may have allergies. So they may get sick or die from allergic reactions. This is only temporary. Until the next player takes their turn.
  2. Rain: In hot weather rain can be relaxing and refreshing. But it can cause the captives to get soaked and catch pneumonia. This is only temporary. Until the next player's turn.
  3. Lightning Bolts: When activated, a thunderstorm will instantaneously begin. This is extremely dangerous. Since Captives may be struck by lightning. Or have heavy trees or branches fall onto them. However, this is only temporary. Until the next player takes their turn.
  4. Burden Beast: A bloodthirsty, and ruthless sadistic beast. It will hunt down any captive it sees in its path. Once the button is activated, he will be present for the remainder of the game.
  5. Sticky Pit: When activated, a sticky pit of quicksand will randomly appear in the wooded area. Then a captive may drown inside of it. This is only temporary. Until the next player's turn though.
  6. Instant Night: When activated, regardless of the time of day, it will instantly become nighttime. Until the remainder of the game. This has pros and cons: The pro is that it is easier to hid at nighttime, but since the sun is down it is now colder. It also also easier to trip or get injured in the dark.
  7. Switch: When activated, a player has a chance to escape. But at the cost of switching with one of the captives in the woods.
  8. Go back fifteen spaces: When activated, the player has no choice but to go back fifteen spaces.
  9. Broken stick: When activated nothing but the last activated buttons affects will happen over and over again. Until the next player takes their turn.
  10. Finish: When a player reaches the finish, he or she is finally free to go. But the loser remains trapped forever.

In the viewing globe the players can observe all of this happening, as the incentive to have them finish the game.

In 1929 a boy named Nathaniel ran away from home. He proceeded to go off course and stumble onto the wooded area. He eventually touched the weird tree and was transported into the underground chamber. Here he stumbled onto the previous captive who had lost the game. The previous captive then persuaded him into playing the game. However he lost the game and was trapped inside forever. Until 1999 when a teenage boy named Peter got trapped in the wooded area with his younger sister Monica and his friend Mark. Soon Peter got himself transported into the underground chamber. Here Nathaniel happily encountered him. Seeing it as his chance to finally escape.

Nathaniel talked Peter into playing the game with him. Since at first Peter thought it would be fun and could tease his sister in the process. Until it began to get really dangerous. After the Burden Beast was summoned and it began to prey on his sister and his friend.

However Monica was very clever. She eventually figured out that the old weird looking tree, must be the source of what was keeping them trapped inside of the woods. Therefore she and Mark proceeded to knock it down. However it was stuck. So Peter took a chance and spun the wheel backwards. Luckily he landed on 8. Which took him back to the Lightning Bolts button. Then Nathaniel landed on the Broken Stick Button. Therefore lightning continued striking repeatedly. Until it reached the weird tree. Then Monica and Mark jumped away in the nick of time.

Then the weird tree got struck by a huge bolt of lightning. Then at the same time, the huge lightning bolt zapped and destroyed the game. From then on, nobody would incur the wrath of the Forever Game again.