Frank Moore was a member of the original Midnight Society portrayed by Jason Alisharan.


Frank is a punkish teenager with an in-your-face attitude. It is said in "The Tale of Apartment 214" that he has an older brother. He is shown to be strongly interested in Sam and to strongly dislike to Eric & Tucker. He was very good friends with Kiki. In Season Five, he and his family moved away.


Frank's stories have no prominent theme, although most of them have the recurring character of Dr. Vink appearing as the villain, or at least, the creator of the story's antagonist.


  1. The Tale of the Phantom Cab
  2. The Tale of the Midnight Madness

    Blindfold for initiation next to David

  3. The Tale of the Full Moon
  4. The Tale of the Dangerous Soup
  5. The Tale of Cutter's Treasure: Part 1 (alongside Gary)
  6. The Tale of Cutter's Treasure: Part 2 (alongside Gary)
  7. The Tale of Train Magic

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