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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Frankie Uncas is a character created by Betty Ann. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Ghastly Grinner".


Frankie is collector of comic books and an art reviewer. She runs a comic book shop. During the events of the story, word got out to her that a boy named Ethan Wood was a very good artist. Therefore she privately invited him to her shop, as an importunity to look at his artwork. She was amazed, even though she felt that he was a bit rough on the edges. However, she still thought that he drew like one of the greats, such as her idol: Sylvester Uncas.

Then she disclosed a secret to Ethan. It was that her idol had created a limited comic book series. It was called: The Ghastly Grinner. It was about an insanely evil jester like clown. It preyed on innocent victims and fed off of their emotions. Until they were nothing but helpless laughing and drooling idiots. Inside a case she had the last and only copy of the first issue of the Ghastly Grinner. As a grand opening prize, she gave it to Ethan free of charge.

However, she had an ulterior motive: Since the Ghastly Grinner was actually real, it captured Sylvester Uncas, who was really her father. So she was looking for the right artist. The one who could finish the last issue: "The Death of the Ghastly Grinner". Then to defeat the Ghastly Grinner once and for all, and rescue her father. She was hoping that Ethan would be the one who could do this.

At first Ethan thought she gave him a really interesting and unique one-of-a-kind comic book. When Ethan's science teacher Mr. Wrightson caught him reading it in class. Mr. Wrightson dropped the comic book into the fish tank, So it ended up getting soaked and waterlogged. When Ethan got home he thought he could dry the comic book in the microwave. But his slobby parents had one too many devices plugged into the outlet. So the microwave overload and an explosion caused the Grinner to escape into the real world!

Now The Ghastly Grinner was free to pray on all the victims it wanted. Beginning with Ethan's parents, a girl named Hooper Picalarro's parents, a bus driver and Mr. Wrightson.

When Ethan and Hooper came to her for help. She revealed that the Grinner was real because Sylvester Uncas wasn't just an artist, he was also creating guidebooks to other worlds. So that people in other worlds could protect themselves. Everyone thought her father was crazy. So they didn't believe him until The Ghastly Grinner was created. After her father created the first issue, he soon realized that he mistakenly created something so evil that her father immediately needed to put a stop to it. Therefore her father tried to quickly wrap it up and end the comic book series by making the final issue. However, before her father could finish the comic book, the Grinner found out and captured her father. So he was never seen again. She revealed to Ethan that she knew all of this, because Sylvester Uncas was her father.

Then she gave Ethan the storybook panels to the last issue for him to complete. Then before she could help him any further, the Grinner closed in on her from behind and she also got trapped into the comic book world!

Soon Ethan finished the last comic, with him as the main character. In the comic Ethan quickly rescued she and her father. Then Ethan hit a snag when he couldn't figure out how to return to the real world.

Suddenly The Ghastly Grinner sneaked up on Ethan from behind and was about to victimize him. Until Hooper erased The Ghastly Grinner's face off. Ethan returned to reality freeing her and finally rescuing her father. She was so thankful and grateful for all his hard work and for coming through.

With support and some sponsorship from she and her father, Ethan finally become a famous and successful comic book artist. With his own comic book about a hero named Ethan. She then proudly sold his comic books in her comic book shop.

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