This character is a Ghost!

The Frozen Ghost, appeared in "The Tale of the Frozen Ghost, he was portrayed by Michael Caloz.


Many years ago he was a young boy who lived on a nearby farm close to the Pemberton-Shilling's farm. He was always sneaking around

"I'm Cold!"

the Pemberton-Shilling house at night to find out where Gretta and Maylene's mother had hidden the cookies. Then one night he snuck in and saw the most terrifying thing. As he was snooping around looking for cookies, he saw that the farm worker who worked on the farm turned out to be a notorious bank robber. The robber was hiding gold coins into the pipe of the wood stove.

He was terrified at the sight of him and ran off to hide. He ran off so fast he dropped his jacket (unknown to him that the robber took it and hid the stove flue key in it and hid it inside a hollow log) he ran and didn't look back and hid inside the wood shed. The boy was later that day all curled up. Almost like he was trying to stay warm but froze to death and died.

Off and on for many years, he would appear around the area saying in a spooky and eerie voice "I'm cold!" Gretta and Maylene got over their fear of him because he never came into their house. He had some powers like teleportation and invisibility.

The frozen ghost no longer frozen

In the early 1990's Gretta and Maylene's great nephew Charles Pemberton-Shilling III had come up for a little visit with his babysitter Daphne. He decided to make his presence known to Charles and showed him visions of the past when he slept. These where visions to possibly hint to him that he needed his help and where to find his jacket.

Charles was terrified of him, he thought he was out to get him, everywhere he turned he would appear telling him "I'm cold. Eventually Charles' babysitter Daphne encouraged him to find out what he wanted. He pointed to a log on the ground, Charles pulled out his jacket and gave it to him. When he put on his jacket he instantly turned into a healthy and warming looking ghost boy and then disappeared (possibly crossed over) all he wanted was to put on his jacket and warm up.

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