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Gar is a character created by Andy. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Hunted".


Gar lives out in the country. He enjoys hunting with his father Hank. He often hunts with another man named Grant. Recently, they were in pursue of hunting down a legendary wolf called: The Blaze. It always seemed to get away from hunters and outsmart them. After their latest hunting trip had ended, Grant informed him and his dad that his daughter Diana would be accompanying them on the next camping trip. He and Diana were not only friends and went to school together, they also secretly had a crush each other. So he was looking forward to her accompanying them. Hoping to spend some time alone with her.

The next day, he sat behind Diana on the school bus. Then he overheard Diana talking to her friend Laura, whom has a strained connection with. When Diana told her that she would be hunting, Laura was horrified by the idea and she immediately expressed her concern and disapproval. She tried to convince he and Diana that it wasn't the olden days anymore. So people didn't have to hunt for food anymore.

After getting off of the bus, he told her that when being out in the wild, hunting is used for survival. Laura defensively snapped back and told him that you can always remember to pack a lunch, while being out in the woods. He then told her that it was also about protection. Since wolves such as The Blaze were dangerous. Laura snapped back saying that there had been no reports in years of wolf attacks. Laura remarked that he and the other hunters just liked to harm and kill innocent creatures.

He then tried to explain to her that hunters don't always shoot their prey. They sometimes set up traps and snares. Laura snapped back, by saying that the poor creatures could be traps for weeks, starving and frightened. Then when they are found, they are usually clubbed to death. He then protested a final time, by saying that the killing process is quick and painless. Laura argued back by saying that "They wouldn't think that if it was happening to them".

The next day, he was showing Diana some hunting and tracking tips. Suddenly Laura came out from behind a tree, startling them. He expressed his angered concern by telling her that it isn't funny to sneak up on hunters in the woods. Since he very well could have been holding his rifle. Therefore he could have mistakenly shot her. She scoffed it off as if to say "Yeah right! As if you would really shot me!". He then left for Diana to talk privately with Laura.

That morning, he and has dad went over Diana's house to prepare for the camping trip. He was busy testing the traps, when suddenly a wolf exited the front door! He back away scared and told the other men to watch out. Next he pointed out the the wolf had trashed the inside of the house. When Grant finds his daughter's hat on the ground, he deduces that the wolf scared her off into the woods. He and the other two men rushed into the woods, desperately searching for Diana.

While independently searching for her himself, he mistakenly stepped into a trap. He injured his foot and wasn't able to move. So he began to call for help. Nobody could hear him. Until two wolves approached him One of the wolves was the same one who allegedly scared off Diana, and the one was The Blaze! At first he was utterly terrified, believing they would harm him. Then much to his surprise, they howled loudly to attract the attention of he and Diana's fathers. Just as Grant showed up, they both ran off. Diana's father helped set him free. When he tried to convince him that the two wolves tried to help him, he didn't believe him. Grant helped him up into the van. He now began to think twice about hunting wolves. He realized that they weren't as dangerous as he had thought.

What he didn't know was during this time, the Blaze, had been lurking around the woods. It was no ordinary wolf. It was actually a spiritual animal and a protector of the woods. It was looking for a hunter to teach a lesson to by changing him or her into a wolf to show them how it felt to be hunted. Then Laura gave Diana a beautiful charm from a local Native American tribe. It was a wolf perched on a man-in-the moon face. Which was tied to a string and could be worn like a necklace. Laura gave the charm to Diana, hoping that she would become a wolf herself. Sure enough Diana did. Diana was the very same wolf that he and the other men had now been chasing.

When he and Grant arrived at his house, they could see Laura sitting down petting the wolf (Diana). Diana's father was furious. Grant approached it with a large club held high over his head. Diana could only back away as her father came near. Laura yelled that she didn't do any harm, but Diana's father insisted that the wolf caused Diana's disappearance and that it was in his house, and definitely did harm her. Diana continued backing away and catches her right paw in a trap. Then he got out of the car to try and stop him, but he stepped on his injured foot and fell over.

Then suddenly Grant stopped in his tracks and lowered the club. After he had starred into the wolfs recognizable eyes. Laura then rushed over to free her and used the charm on Diana and she changed back. He watched everyone else just stare in complete shock to realize they almost hunted one of their own. So threw the club that nearly killed Diana into the brush, learning his lesson too. As The Blaze watched from afar.

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