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The Gargoyle was created by Frank. It appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Dangerous Soup".


This Gargoyle came into the possession of Dr. Vink. Long ago Dr. Vink came into contact with a tribe of Savage warriors. This Gargoyle was the tribe's secret weapon. It could reach deep into it's victims mind and create the illusions of what they feared the most. The more the victim is afraid of it's illusion, the more intense it will become. They can sometimes even be life threatening.

It would also secrete it's victim's fear as a green elixir. The members of the savage tribe would drink the elixir and gain the strength and powers of their enemies. Just one drop of it is enough for the pulse to quicken, because fear is a powerful emotion. Also Dr. Vink somehow found out that the actual taste of fear was delicious. Therefore he saw a new means of profit from it.

Soon enough Dr. Vink opened a new fancy restaurant. The Restaurant was called "The Wild Boar", in the back of the room near the kitchen, Dr. Vink had made a special chamber. This was to keep this Gargoyle captured and contained. Also on the outside of it was a window for Dr. Vink to check in and speak to and taunt the victims. Then on the outside, a tap to collect the secretion into the from of a green elixir.

Dr. Vink soon begun to lure his employees into the chamber. There he would exposed them to the Gargoyle's illusions. The longer it scared them and the stronger their will was, the more elixir they would produce. Also it was such a frightening experience, that it would cause every employee it scared to quit their job. Dr. Vink mixed this elixir into a type of green zucchini like soup. A soup which he dubbed as "le potage dangereux" better known as "The Dangerous Soup". This was his specialty dish which he would charge $100 per bowl.

It is unknown, how many employees it victimized. As we see it victimized the employee Paul who had a fear of snakes. Then it terrorized the employee Jersey who feared knives and all other sharp objects. Then it encountered Reed Hanson, who feared his deceased abusive uncle more than anything else. Dr. Vink wouldn't let Reed out when he had endured enough suffering. Therefore Nonnie Walker opened the door and it escaped.

Using it's power of flight, It got on the loose and Dr. Vink had to go out to recapture it. Then on the loose, it preyed on Reed and Nonnie constantly. It forced them to see more illusions of their greatest fears. Finally Reed faced his fear of his late abusive uncle and the illusions vanished. Also Nonnie finally faced her fear of claustrophobia.

Little did they know, they chased it right back into it's containment room inside Dr. Vink's restaurant. There Dr. Vink locked them inside. There it was free it to prey on them for as long as Dr. Vink wanted it too. Possibly even scare them to death.


  • According to DJ McHale, the gargoyle used in this episode was just a lawn ornament. He kept it but eventually it got stolen after he put it on his front lawn.