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Gary was the founder and member of the first Midnight Society introduced in the original Are You Afraid of the Dark? and the older brother of Tucker.


An unassuming, bookish-looking boy and the founder of this generation of The Midnight Society. Gary has a distinct fascination with magic, especially, the magician Houdini. He is creator of the famous character Sardo. In "The Tale of the Midnight Ride", It revealed in "The Tale of the Dangerous Soup that he’s scared of heights. He was forced to bring his younger brother Tucker with him to the meetings after he was told by his mom that he had to bring Tucker or he had to quit the Midnight Society. Tucker than continues to tag along with Gary with then on, contributing his own stories. Gary has a mutual crush on Sam and before the events of "The Tale of the Night Shift", he asks her out and though she returned his feelings, she turned him down because her job would prevent her from having the time for a relationship. Though at the end of the episode, she changes her mind and the two start dating.

Gary returns in "The Tale of the Silver Sight", to help Tucker and the new Midnight Society. It is learned then that Gary and Tucker's Grandfather Gene founded the original Midnight Society back in 1937 and built the Storyteller's chair and the Campfire pit that has been used throughout the entirety of the series. It was his grandfather's stories that inspired him to recreate the group.


Gary's stories tend to be about magical or cursed objects and how misuse of them can have dangerous effects. Gary and Tucker's father owns a magic shop, which is probably where he got the inspiration to many of his stories. His stories also have the recurring character of Sardo, a wannabe magician and owner of Sardo's Magic Mansion.

On Screen Stories[]

  1. The Tale of the Super Specs
  2. The Tale of the Pinball Wizard
  3. The Tale of the Magician's Assistant
  4. The Tale of the Carved Stone
  5. The Tale of the Crimson Clown
  6. The Tale of Cutter's Treasure (with Frank)
  7. The Tale of the Renegade Virus
  8. The Tale of the Unfinished Painting
  9. The Tale of a Door Unlocked
  10. The Tale of Badge

Novel Stories[]

  1. The Tale of the Sinister Statues
  2. The Tale of the Ghost Riders
  3. The Tale of the Virtual Nightmare (novel)
  4. The Tale of the Ghost Cruise
  5. The Tale of the Pulsating Gate

Audio Stories[]

  1. The Tale of the Virtual Nightmare (audio)

Stories read for other people[]

  1. The Tale of the Dream Machine (written by Kiki)

Stories begun but finished by other people[]

  1. The Tale of Orpheo's Curse