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Gary March is a character created by David. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Dark Dragon".


Gary attends the same high school with Keith Saunders and Mariah. Not very much is known about him, but is the best athlete in his school. He also seems to be friendly and fairly polite. During the events of the story, his girlfriend Shelly Bergman took a break from him. Since she felt that he was taking her for granted.

Then he accidentally dropped his hacky sack near Keith Saunders' leg. He knew Keith had recently been in a serious car accident. So now Keith wore a leg brace and would always walk with a limp. He apologized for kicking it near him, and Keith accepted the apology. He asked Keith for advise on how to make up with Shelly. But Keith didn't know how to help him.

Soon a cool and handsome looking guy named K.C. starting showing up. Word got out, that he was Keith Saunders' cousin. He along with everyone else, were unaware that Keith Saunders had started taking a dangerous magical potion which healed his leg and made him look cool. Shelly really took a shine to K.C. and went to the school dance with him, much to his chagrin and jealously. He reluctantly went to the dance with someone else, and with a heavy heart, observe Shelly dance the night away with K.C.

Then when the principal awarded the best athlete in school award to him. He made a speech, he dedicated the award to Shelly, telling her that she was still the first choice in his heart. So he would give anything to dance, the next dance with her. Shelly gladly shook her head yes, and he finally made amends with his girlfriend. Then he Shelly happily had their dance.

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