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This is a character with an unknown status.

Gene was the original founder and creator of the 1937 Midnight Society. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Silver Sight".


Gene was the late husband of Aggie, as well as the grandfather of Gary and Tucker (both of whom affectionately refer to him as "Grandpa Gene").

He was revealed to be the creator of the idea and concept of The Midnight Society - in 1937, he and four of his best friends (Laing Candle, Bruce McGorrill, Donna Tilton, and Eleanor Gregory) formed the very first original Midnight Society.

In fact, Gene built the campfire pit and the storyteller's chair, which were always used as time went on. It was unknown if the son or daughter (Gary's and Tucker's father or mother) he fathered through his wife, Aggie, had a Midnight Society of their own, but the idea was eventually passed onto Gary, who formed his own Midnight Society Group in 1991. Later on, in 1999, his younger grandson, Tucker, also formed his own Midnight Society.

The Silver Sight[]

Gene and his friends eventually came into contact with a powerful magical charm known as The Silver Sight, which was capable of granting any wish or desire.

According to Laing, they all used it in their ignorance, only to realize too late that the charm was pure evil: it would first give the appearance of what they had wished for, but severe misfortunes and even fatal accidents were bound to follow. After it look the lives of two of his friends, the charm was carefully hidden away, and soon the Midnight Society disbanded, which in turn caused the evil of the charm to go into seclusion as well. Gene was not told where the charm was hidden, but he was given a partial hint on a piece of broken record - his piece said: "Listen to the music".

In the year 2000, when Gene was an old man, he sensed that the Demon of the Silver Sight was conjuring again. At first, he took it upon himself to try and destroy it, but due to his age, the shock was too much for him and caused him to suffer a fatal heart attack. After his death, his soul was trapped within the Silver Sight by the Demon in charge of it.

Fortunately, after his grandsons and their friends finally found the way to destroy the Silver Sight, his soul and those of many others who had fallen to the evil charm were finally released to be able to rest in peace. Besides this, it is also possible that the destruction of the Silver Sight had actually enabled him to come back to life: in the last scene of the episode, a younger version of him was shown telling the story of the Silver Sight, which in turn implies a possible switch in the events of time.