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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Gina is a character created by Tucker. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of Bigfoot Ridge".


Gina is a big time wintertime sports athlete. Her specialty is snowboarding. Which she often takes part in doing it with her best friend Dani. She is also friends with Dani's brother Kirk. But she has a much closer almost a sister like bond with Dani.

A few weeks prior to the events of the story, she and Dani where at the local mountain snowboarding. Then she decided to go on a longer distance. So she began going off onto the dangerous back trail. Dani joined her at first. However Dani soon got scared of the dangerous trail and hurried back to the mountain. Dani made the mistake of leaving her behind. She soon encountered a man wearing a ski patrol uniform and somehow he persuaded her to follow him. She ended up following him to lodge cabin at the top of a ridge, known as Bigfoot Ridge. It was at a remote location, far from civilization.

Once she entered the lodge, she sealed her own fate. She soon found out that the lodge was haunted by an Umbra: A ghost that preys on its victims in darkness. Once the Umbra stares its glowing eyes into a victim's eyes long enough, it will steal their soul and transform into its victim. The Umbra will stare into it's victims eye with its own glowing eyes, slowly draining the victim of its life-force. Until the victim dies from old age. This is what had happened to the man in the Ski patrol suit and many others before he. In fact the lodge was littered with the skeletal remains of many other previous victims. The duration of the victim's remaining life, depends on how often he or she keeps encountering the Umbra. It could happen quickly. Or slowly depending on how much light the victim is around. Light was the Umbra's weakness. A little would shoo it away. Too much could destroy it.

She soon discovered that the lodge was really old. So the power was out. Therefore the lights wouldn't turn on. She also discovered that her survival no longer depended on food and water, but from staying around light. She had encountered the Umbra, and it fed off of her life-force. Until she soon aged to becoming an elderly woman. Finally she got a fire going on in the fireplace. There she sat on the sofa by the fireplace. This kept her alive for a numbers of weeks.

As the weeks went by, everyone was beginning to lose hope that she would ever be found alive. But Dani never gave up, she kept on looking for her. One day at the ski mountain Dani and Kirk were snowboarding, when Dani wanted to resume her search for her. The Umbra visited the area, disguised as her looking for new potential victims. The Umbra realized that Dani cared for Gina and missed her. So it saw her friend as a new potential victim. So the Umbra cast illusions to Dani. It impersonated her telling her on an old home movie, that she needed help and that she was trapped at Bigfoot Ridge.

Sure enough, Dani rode her jet ski to the ridge, despite Kirk's warning that a snowstorm would be happening soon. When Dani arrived, she thought that she saw her at the bottom of the ridge. But it was really the Umbra. So Dani followed the Umbra all the way to the top. Dani bumped into her brother who had drove over to bring Dani home, because of the snowstorm warning. He told Dani that only her footprints appeared. Which shocked Dani with disbelief.

Then Dani and Kirk entered the lodge. There they thought they heard her calling to Dani. With amazement they believed that they were seeing her. But it was the Umbra. It glared its glowing green eyes at the both of them. It prepared to make one of her friends a new victim. Luckily, the thunder from outside flashed. So the Umbra temporarily vanished.

She called out to them crying for help and told them where she was. They found her and they were shocked to see how much she had aged. She told them that Umbra did it to her. She told Dani and Kirk all about the Umbra, and what it had done to her. She also explained that the reason why it looked like her. Also that when it finds a new victim, it will then look like he or she. By now she had fallen into despair, believing that she would never make it out of the lodge alive. Dani and Kirk encouraged her not to give up. So they picked her up, and tried to walk her out the front door.

Just as they tried to to walk her out, the Umbra approached them. She warned them to not look into its eyes. So they went back to the sofa by the fireplace. She explained to them that the Umbra couldn't handle light. It only preys on victims in darkness. Also that it is always waiting for its victims to enter the darkness. Then she felt ashamed by how much she aged and asked Kirk not to look at her. He still did. Since he could not begin to tell her how happy he was to see her again. He also informed her that Dani was the only one who never gave up on finding her. Then sure enough, the severe snowstorm outside began. So she and her friends would be trapped inside the lodge until the morning.

Then Kirk pointed out that the batteries in their flashlight were wearing out. Also that they were running out of firewood. So eventually the Umbra would get them all. Then Dani pointed out the ceiling lights. They realized that if they turned them on, it may be enough to stop the Umbra. So he tried to turn them out, but the power was out. So her friends tried to quickly go start up the power generator. They got it fired up. Until they find out that the lodge was so old, that they also needed to fire up the back-up generator from outside.

Meanwhile the fire in the fireplace had finally burned out. So now the Umbra was free to approach her again. She screamed for help. So Dani ran in and shined the flashlight at it. Then it disappeared. Kirk then decided to go outside and turn on the back-up generator. Dani not wanting to lose her again decided to stay inside with her. So Kirk decided to go at it alone, but he needed the flashlight. Dani gave it to him believing, that she could protect Gina's eye with her ski goggles.

So Kirk bravely went outside in the fierce snowstorm to fire up the back-up generator. Soon enough the Umbra returned, it took away the goggles. Then it realized that it had preyed on her for long enough. So it set its sights on Dani. So the Umbra glared into Dani's eyes, stole her soul and transformed into her. The Umbra laughed in victory.

Then suddenly, Kirk got the back-up generator fired up. Then all of the lights went on. Exposed to the immense light, The Umbra turned into a black shadow. Then it was destroyed, as it obliterated in a big bursting cloud. After this happened, she was instantly changed back to normal and back to her old self. Dani and Kirk were rejoiced and relieved to have save her. Then the following morning, she, Dani and Kirk all left the lodge and returned home. On the way out, she thanked Dani for never giving up on her.


  • Sarah Edmondson portrayed two parts in the episode. She also portrayed The Umbra.
  • Sarah Edmondson also portrayed Emma.