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Gordon Ankers is a character created by Frank. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Full Moon".


Sometime before the events of the episode, Gordon was either bitten by another werewolf, or he just developed a disease and condition called lycanthropy. Lycanthropy is known to be uncontrollable ability to transform into a creature. One that is part wolf, part human known as a werewolf. Gordon lived a secret and secluded life cooped up in a house being supported by his loving brother: whom he looked quite a bit like.

Gordon and his brother, moved to a new neighborhood. Soon, Gordon was feeding on missing pets in the neighborhood. Afterwards he would leave nothing behind but their collars and licenses. Jed and Hughie were suspicious because there was nothing but raw meat in the fridge of his brother's. Also because Jed and Hughie found all of the collars and licenses outside near the door.

Soon Gordon's brother was dating Jed's mother, Ellen. One night his brother and Ellen went out for coffee. So Jed and Hughie took this opportunity to break into the house. In which they tried to expose and prove that a werewolf really did exist next door. That night there happened to be a full moon. Therefore Gordon transformed. He proceeded to chase Jed and Hughie all throughout the house. They thought that he wanted to hurt them. However he only wanted to play with them.

His brother came home just as Hughie ran away. Then his brother stood up for him and informed him that he was family. Therefore he didn't have the heart to put him down, and get rid of him. His brother soon helped Jed realize that he was harmless. Also it turned out Ellen already knew about him from the start. She was afraid of him at first. But she became supportive and understanding. Just as soon Jed did as well.

Soon, his brother Mr. Ankers married Ellen and he became Jed's uncle. Jed also realized that when he transformed he was like the equivalent of a dog. Which was what Jed always wanted to have.


  • Carl Alacchi also portrayed Mr. Braun.
  • He was the only werewolf to ever be featured within the entire series.

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