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Goth is a character created by Betty Ann. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Sorcerer's Apprentice".


Goth was an ancient Babylonian Sorcerer, said to be powerful enough to control the entire universe. In ancient Babylon, he enslaved many people to do his biding. He possessed a powerful long golden staff shaped like a cobra, powered by a ruby orb. Goth could bring one good fortune, but crossing him could lead to their destruction, how he was defeated and stopped is unknown.

Sometime in the 1960s a young teenage teenaged girl, who was into practicing potions and dark magic. She went insane and found his staff and was planning to return him to the world of the living to possibly receive good fortune or to witness the destruction by his side. In 1966 one night in a high school basement, the insane teenage girl was about to conduct a ritual to return him to the world of the living. She was caught and stopped by the guards.

Later on in the 1990s his snake staff was brought by his loyal follower Dr. Oliver (also the insane teenage girl) and she put it on display at a high school. The staff possessed Dean Berkham. Dean was completely in his control and became his new loyal apprentice. He could communicate with him as a vision and in return he gave Dean such things as, self confidence, and intelligence, more friends. Also he turned him into a rebellious teenager. Dean gathered a group of followers one night and snuck into the basement. The snake staff was placed on the mantle above the pool as a ritual was beginning.

Dean and his followers filled the pool with barrels of mercuric acid, then Dean threw in some nightshade and belladonna leaves. The spell was complete and Goth slowly began to walk through the vapors in the pool, these vapors could return him to the world of the living. Dean's best friend Alix, who had been trying to help him all along, pulled the ruby orb out of the staff. When this happened all of the followers including Dean came to their senses and we're freed.

He then revealed to Dean that he would come for him next after completely returning. Then Dean had Alix poor chlorine into the pool, when this happened the nightshade dissolved and the spell in the pool was ruined and he returned to where he came from.

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