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Grampa is a character created by Vange. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Night Nurse".


Grampa is a kind and caring man. Years before the story took place, he purchased an old house. It had once belonged to the Jerome family. When he moved in, the movers had found a trunk full of personal items. It was forgotten by the Jerome family. He had the trunk stored up in the attic for safekeeping. Just incase any members from the Jerome family would ever contact him to retrieve it.

The trunk piqued his interest. So he looked through it. Then he came across some old newspaper clippings. He learned that the Jerome family once had a daughter named: Emily. Her mother threw Emily a fancy party to celebrate her twelfth birthday. Then when Emily carried her big pile of presents down the stairs, she tripped and fell down and she injured her leg. Therefore she needed to rest a while. Emily's mother hired a Night Nurse to take care of Emily.

But the Night Nurse was believed to be crazy. One night when Emily was sleeping, she filled a hypodermic needle with poison. Then gave it to her and she never woke up. The Night Nurse claimed that she was innocent. Until the day she died in prison.

Soon he began to see visions time and time again. They were of the people from the day of Emily's Twelfth birthday. They would randomly appear and then vanish. He realized that his house was trapped in a time loop from that day. He also started to see the ghost of Emily Jerome. She too, would appear at times. She would fall down the stairs, while holding her big pile of presents.

He soon realized that she was the only ghost that he ever saw. Also that she was harmless. So he stopped worrying about it. He just accepted the situation the way it was.

Some years later during the wintertime, his two Granddaughters: Nicki and A.J. came to stay with him for a month. Meanwhile their parents went away on their own trip for a month. He tried to make things run smoothly. He wasn't going to tell his Granddaughters about the time loop and the ghost. Since he was worried that it would scare them.

However, his granddaughter both began seeing visions of party guests randomly disappearing. As well Emily falling down the stairs. Then disappearing. So he filled them both on the whole situation. Then he asked them both to just leave them alone. And to let the dead rest in peace.

But Nicki and A.J. disobeyed him. Since curiosity got the best of them. So they bought a chocolate birthday and lit the candles. They called out to Emily, telling her Happy Birthday. Also that they got her a cake and they invited her to come and have some. Emily did not appear to them. Then Nicki made a wish before blowing out the candles. She wished that they could make the ghost appear. However tampering with birthday magic, his granddaughters got more than they bargained for. They made the ghost of the Night Nurse appear. Armed with a needle! She was now ready to give both of his Granddaughter's a "shot".

He was furious when they told him. He regretted telling him about the story. Since he knew that it was going to scare them to death. He didn't believe that ghost of the Night Nurse had appeared. Since he had only ever seen Emily's Ghost. In all of his years of living in the house. He assured them that Emily was harmless. And that he was positive that there were no other ghosts.

But he was wrong. He was unaware that The Night Nurse was now in pursuit of Nicki and A.J. closing in on them in the attic.

Then A.J. found Emily's old blue birthday dress. Whenever A.J. tried it on, she was sent back in time to the day of Emily's Birthday. Also everyone thought that A.J. actually was Emily. His Granddaughter tried to prevent Emily from falling down the stairs. Therefore the Night Nurse would never be after them now. So when coming down the stairs, she bent over slowly. When she needed to pick up a bracelet that had fallen off. Still A.J. as Emily ended up falling down the stairs anyways.

His Granddaughter was soon in the clutches of the Night Nurse. She just could not get away from her. Until the Night Nurse admitted that all she wanted to do, was give her a shot of penicillin. Which would help her make a quick recovery. Then A.J. realized that the bracelet Emily wore that slipped off was actually a medical alert bracelet. It revealed that Emily Jerome was allergic to penicillin. It was revealed that the Night Nurse all of the years ago had made a terrible mistake. The Night Nurse did not know that Emily Jerome was allergic to penicillin. Therefore the Night Nurse really was innocent and wrongfully convicted.

Therefore, unbeknownst to him, A.J. changed history. She prevented the Night Nurse from making her fatal mistake. So Emily Jerome never died young. Also the Night Nurse was never wrongfully convicted. Whether or not his Granddaughters ever told him about this is unknown.

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