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Grandma Aggie, appeared in the episode, "The Tale of the Silver Sight". she was portrayed by Sheena Larkin.


Aggie met Gene sometime back in the 1930's, she soon married him and they raised a loving family and was soon

Grandma Aggie

the Grandmother of Gary and Tucker. Aggie loved her husband dearly and shared the interests of his wonderful stories. She was never informed directly about The Silver Sight. But in the year 2000, The Evil Demon resurfaced and her husband sensed it's presence. The last time she was around her husband, she knew he seemed angry and very concerned, because he was trying to stop it all himself.

She was devastated, when her husband died from a heart attack. This happened from being scared to death by the Demon. Her grandsons both came to visit her to console her and pay their respects. Then as previously advised by her husband, she gave them their Grandpa Gene's last incomplete story and his piece of the record. This was to clue them in on what they needed to do to find and destory The Silver Sight.

A little later, she encountered a masked intruder who has broken into her home. She was so terrified she ran to her bedroom crying and screaming and locked herself inside. She soon phoned Gary and Tucker for help and they ran over to her house just as the intruder left. She was really upset to find her whole house messed up and the Intruder didn't take anything. All the the intruder did was he just keep yelling and demanded to be given Gene's piece of the record. Her Grandsons showed her, her husbands last story and completely filled her in on why it was so important.

She was unaware at the time, the intruder was none other than Laing Candle. Laing was just eagerly trying to find all the clues first and help keep The Midnight Society out of danger. She soon joined with Bob McGorrill (Bruce's brother), Mr. Gregory (Eleanor's son) and Vince (Donna's old boyfriend) late at night in Playland Amusement Park to support The Midnight Society in their quest to destroy the silver sight. She witnessed, Gary making the right choice of knowing who their true enemy was banished The Demon who was rightfully so.

Then she wasn't seen, but it was mentioned in "The Tale of the Time Trap". that as a treat she baked Tucker and his friends some double chocolate cookies (black with white chips) which were an old family recipe. Tucker and his friends enjoyed her cookies immensely, stuffing themselves to the point where they were nearly sick. But her cookies were so good, Quinn ate the rest, to the point where he was going to be sick.


  • Sheena Larkin also portrayed Boss Hag and Hermione St. Claire.
  • Sheena Larkin also portayed Nanny in "The Tale of the Lonely Ghost" as well Sara Simpson in "The Tale of the Room for Rent".
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