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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Grandpa Samuel is a character created by Sam. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Room for Rent".


When he was young, he had an on-again and off-again romantic relationship with his friend Sara. Then during the second world war, he and her broke up and were just friends again.

During this time, he joined the air force and became a fighter pilot. Also another fighter pilot named Jacob become his co-pilot and joined him on many missions. Jacob was Sara's new fiancé, whom she planned to marry after the war.

Then on one mission the plane got hit and caught fire. He wasn't sure they were going to make it. So he gave Jacob the last parachute and persuaded him to jump out and save himself. However, the parachute failed and Jacob fell to his death. However, after this happened he miraculously landed the plane.

After the war, he married another woman. Then he and Sara were still somewhat friends, but also became hostile to each other. Since Sara became the town psychic he thought that Jacob's demise made her go crazy.

Then years later, for reasons unknown he was raising his granddaughter Jessie Dixon. He and her were very close and got along very well. Then in 1994, he recently recovered from an illness. So he temporarily moved his bedroom to the first floor. That way, he wouldn't have to walk up and down the stairs. Also during his recovery time, he was on leave from his job. So income was low. Therefore he decided to rent out his room, much to the chagrin of his granddaughter who wasn't comfortable with a stranger living in their house. He wasn't too crazy for the idea, but he decided to roll with it. Since he needed the money.

Then later that night, his granddaughter and her best friend Alex came home terrified. They claimed that they saw a spirit flying in from the ceiling at Sara's house. He just thought that from the double feature horror movies they just saw, that they were already having nightmares.

The next day, a man who addressed himself as John Browning came to inquire about the room for rent. He thought this man looked familiar, because he was familiar. This was the spirit of Jacob!

Sara had done a mediation called the opening. This was to allow a spirt with unfinished business to temporarily return to the world of the living. Then he or she could have an opportunity to complete their unfinished business. Jacob thought that he betrayed him and purposely gave him a faulty parachute. So Jacob wanted to take possession of him and reunite with Sara.

His granddaughter and her friend caught Jacob trying to take possession of him while he was asleep. But he refused to believe that Jacob was back from the dead, he just thought his granddaughter and her friend were joking with him. Also that Sara was being crazy as always.

After several failed attempts, Jacob finally possessed him and went over to Sara's house and attempted to reunite with her. Jessie begged Jacob to free him from the possession. But Jacob planned to continued living through his body and while his spirit would go to heaven in Jacob's place. Then Jessie revealed that he had written down what really happened in his journal. So Jacob read it and finally realized that he meant to save him not purposely sabotage him.

Then Sara revealed to Jacob that she was planning to break up with him after the war. However Jacob died before she got the chance to tell him. Sara revealed that all along Samuel was the man whom she was really in love with. Then Sara begged and pleaded for him to be saved. So Jacob freed him from the possession and Jacob ascended back to Heaven.

When he came too, he asked what was going on. She smiled at him and told him that this could mean a new start. Soon he and Sara happily renewed their loving relationship.


  • Walter Massey also portrayed Bob McGorrill.
  • Walter Massey, was famous for doing the voice of Principal Mr. Haney on the children's show Arthur.

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