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Grant is a character created by Andy. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Hunted".


Grant lives out in the country, with his teenage daughter Diana. Whether he is separated, or divorced is unknown. But he loves his daughter dearly, He enjoys hunting with his friend Hank and Hank's son Gar. Recently, they were in pursue of hunting down a legendary wolf called: The Blaze. It always seemed to get away from hunters and outsmart them. After their latest hunting trip had ended, he informed Hank and Gar that his daughter would be accompanying them on the next camping trip.

That night, he woke up after hearing his daughter scream. He could see she was that horrified. She claimed that she saw the Blaze at the window. He looked out the window, but he saw nothing except for a vicious claw mark in the window screen. He chose to ignore this. Then he comforted his daughter and sent her back to bed.

What he didn't know was during this time, the Blaze, had been lurking around the woods. It was no ordinary wolf. It was actually a spiritual animal and a protector of the woods. It was looking for a hunter to teach a lesson to by changing him or her into a wolf to show them how it felt to be hunted. He also didn't that his daughter's friend Laura had recently given his daughter a beautiful charm from a local Native American tribe. It was a wolf perched on a man-in-the moon face. Which was tied to a string and could be worn like a necklace. Laura gave the charm to his daughter, hoping that she would become a wolf herself.

The next morning, Hank and Gar came over for the camping trip. He woke up his daughter, but she was nowhere in sight. Instead a wolf was in her bedroom instead. It trashed his house and terrified him and his friends when it approached them outside. When he found his daughters cap on the ground, he assumed that the wolf had broken into his house and scared his daughter off into the woods. First he and his friends checked the nearby woods, armed with their rifles. When he saw no sign of her there, he went home to get his vehicle to look for her further away.

When he was about to get into his vehicle, Laura stopped by asking him where Diana was. He told her that a wolf had been in the house and it chased Diana into the woods. Then he got into his vehicle, muttering that "That beast is gonna pay" if his baby girl is hurt. What he didn't realize was that the charm Laura gave to his daughter had actually worked. It helped the Blaze transform his daughter into a wolf: The very same that he and his friends were currently chasing after!

Later in the woods, he came across Gar who had injured himself, by accidentally stepping into a trap. He did not believe him when he informed that the Blaze and another wolf (Diana) were trying to help him. So he helped him up into the van. Then right when he got home, he could see Laura petting the wolf on the front steps. He got out of his vehicle and he was furious. So he wielded a large club and he held high over his head. the wolf could only back away as he came near her. Laura yelled out that the wolf didn't do any harm, but he insisted that the wolf caused his daughters disappearance and that it was in his house, and definitely did harm her. The wolf continued nervously backing away. Until she caught her paw in a trap.

Just as he was about club her to death, the Wolf looked at him directly in the eye. Surprised be her familiar looking eyes, he put down his club. Then Laura and Gar rushed forward and free the wolf. At this point, Laura used the charm on the wolf and she changed back into his daughter. He was utterly shocked to realize that had almost hunted his own daughter. Therefore he learned his lesson about how it felt to be hunted. Then he gave her a hug, and Diana, still slightly confused, mumbled about how she was lost and now she was OK. As The Blaze watched from afar.


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