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This good character is a hero.

Greg is a character created by Kristen. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Prom Queen".


Greg and his friend Jam went to the local graveyard. This was where they hoped to find out if the ghost of a girl really existed. The girl died in a hit-and-run car accident in May 1956. The accident happened while she was waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up for prom night, at the graveyard gates. She was buried in her prom dress. Since then, there has been a legend about her. It is said, that every year on prom night the ghost of the prom queen shows up. She stands at the graveyard gates, waiting for her beau who never came. 

He and Jam meet a pretty girl named Dede who is in town visiting. He and Jam tell her all about the story of the prom queen and how she may be haunting the graveyard as a ghost every year on prom night. The story has piqued her interest. So he and Jam quickly recruit her for their ghost searching mission. Then they go to the library and find the information on a microfilm reader. Then they learn the details of the dead girl's story. He found the girl's name was Judy Larsen, and her boyfriend's name was Ricky Mitchell. He and his friends find out that Ricky didn't know that he was supposed to pick up his date by the cemetery gates on Weaver Street, because he never got the message. He reads that when Ricky heard what happened to her, he felt so upset that he drove his car off a bridge. killing himself in the process, and his body was never recovered. Dede sounds shocked to hear that he died also.

Then he, Jam and Dede decide to hold a séance at the lake and to contact Ricky's ghost to inform him what had happened that night. And that Judy is still waiting for him. It seemed to have worked because after they finished, he and his friends were all startled to hear the bubbling sounds of a car's transmission at the the bottom of the lake.

The next night, he, Jam and Dede go the cemetery to see if the séance worked, and if Judy and Ricky will finally be reunited. At the cemetery, the sound of wind chimes could be heard. Also there appeared to be a ghost wandering about. He approaches the hooded being. Then suddenly he could hear: "BOO!". It turns out it is a young man in disguise wearing a white hooded robe. The young man also has glowing flashlights on his head and wind chimes in his hand.

This third guy is introduced to be Jam's cousin Chuck. He explains to him that Jam asked him to pretend to be the ghost as a joke to give them all a scare. He was furious to find out they tried to mess with him. So now he was ready to box their ears off. While Dede was upset asking for explanations about why their séance from the night before seemed to be successful.

Then the church bells go off, and Chuck then another vehicle approaches. He at first, thinks it is a caretaker. So he suggests they all run to not get caught trespassing. Then Dede points out to see who it is. When realizing it is just someone random, he is ready to pound Jam again, thinking it's another joke. Then it turns out that the vehicle is an old 1950's Chevy. The driver was sporting an old-fashioned greased haircut. Then he and the other guys all freak out but Dede acts like everything is all right.

He, and the two other guys cannot seem to under the reason why Dede is not freaked out. Then he watches Dede prepare to approach the man in the vehicle like he is no stranger. Then she takes her ponytail out. Then she spins around and suddenly her clothing changes into a beautiful blue prom gown.

He and the two other guys then listen to Dede happily explain to them that she knew they could be the ones to help her, right from the beginning. Then she explains to him and the other two that she couldn't leave the cemetery unless someone took her with them. Then with their help, they did research with her to find out what happened that night. Now, she finally found out why Ricky never came. Then with their help, they did that séance to contact Ricky. Then his ghost finally got the message about where she was waiting for him.

Then he listens to her reveal that her boyfriend is finally here to pick her up. So she gets into the car. He just stared at her with complete shock, still calling her Dede. She reveals that Dede is just her nickname, because her real name is Judy. This revealed that she was the ghost of the Prom Queen all along!

Then he listened to her say hat her ride was finally here. Then he and the guys were thanked for all of their help. Ricky also thanked him and the guys them giving them a thumbs up. He sadly watched the reunited couple drive off into the night and go right through the cemetery gate like it is not even there. As this happens he just stares with an upset look. He may have developed romantic feelings for her, and now he will never see her again.

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