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This is a neutral character.

Greta is a minor character created by Stig. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Dead Man's Float".


Greta is an athlete and a swimmer for her school's swim team. She is friends with her teammate Clorice. Recently she had developed a crush on a handsome boy named Zeke Matthews. However, Zeke was the uncool school genius who wasn't popular, and found to be annoying by her friend. She told her friend that she thought that Zeke was cute like a puppy.

During the events of the story, Zeke Matthews discovered where their school swimming pool had been secretly sealed off. Her friend Clorice immediately took action and spoke to everyone in the school to have the pool reopened. Since it didn't make since for her team, to go on an hour long bus ride to another town, when there was a pool in there own school.

Within a few weeks time, her friend successfully got the school pool reopened. Therefore, she her team no longer had to leave town everyday just to practice. She and her team were relieved to no longer stress with missing the bus to go out of town and having to leave town for one hour everyday.

One day just as she and Clorice were practicing, she and Clorice take a breather and hung out by the edge of the pool. She and her friend began to reflect on how great it was to have gotten their own pool at long last. Then suddenly she complained when smelling the most awful smell. Clorice speculated it was just coming from the dirty pipes.

However, it was actually coming from an invisible partly acid based corpse, that was haunting the swimming pool! It was actually the reason why the pool was closed off in the first place. In order to build the school pool, they had to remove an old cemetery that was next to it. They thought that they had moved all of the bodies. However one was forgotten. Therefore its spirited manifested into a vengeful corpse. One who wanted revenge on whoever dared to disturb its eternal sleep. Then the corpse would pull them under the water and drown them! In the 1950s it killed a boy named Joe and three other people by drowning them! Whenever it would approach a victim, it would give off a foul acid like smell. This was the only clue that it was nearby. However, nobody ever knew what it was. Until it was too late.

The corpse began to swim towards she and Clorice. It almost got them, luckily she and Clorice stepped out of the pool just in the nick of time.

Later on she stayed late after school one day. She came across Clorice who was trying to teach Zeke how to swim. She either quietly followed them to the pool. Or she was already there when they arrived. She observed Clorice and Zeke floating around in a raft. When Clorice jumped into the pool, to show Zeke that a pool was safe, she jokingly grabbed her and pulled her under. Then she popped up above and shouted: "BOO!". As she got out of the pool, Clorice annoyingly told her that her joke was not funny.

On her way out, she madly told her that she thought that she didn't even like him. Clorice told her that he was just helping her with chemistry, and she was just helping him learn to swim. Feeling jealous (because she liked him first) she didn't believe her. So she madly said: "Yeah right!". Then she left. Afterwards she wasn't seen or mention again for the rest of the episode.


  • Just a few years later, Aimée Castle would become much better known for her roles in "Back to Sherwood" as Robyn Hood. And as Lori Baxter in "Big Wolf on Campus".

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