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Gwen is a character created by Megan. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Walking Shadow".


Gwen is a veteran employee at a public theater. She had been working there since the late 1940s. She made friends with the actress Hermione St. Claire and Hermione's husband Adrian Harcombe. In 1949 the theater was holding performances of the Shakespearean play Macbeth. She was in charge of designing and taking care of the costumes. Meanwhile her friends had gotten the lead roles of Lady Macbeth and Macbeth.

Then during the opening night, the performance was going wonderfully. Until right before final act, when Adrian unexpectedly died from a sudden terminal illness. Afterwards her friend was never the same again. For the next thirty years, she and Hermione worked together as wardrobe mistresses. Until her friend passed away in 1979.

She was aware that Adrian's ghost was haunting the theater. She knew he was not malicious, but he was only scaring those who were disruptive and broke the traditional rules of behavior in the theater. Such as whistling or singing, saying the current play's name, or leaving the theater/costume room with your costume on. Unless it was time for the play. Every once in a while, she would encounter Adrian's ghost. He meant her no harm, but still he would scare the daylights out of her. She was not aware that Hermione's ghost was also periodically haunting the theater as well.

Then in 1999, the theater was finally conducting performances for Macbeth, for the first time in fifty years. A group of students from Greenwich High School was doing the play. She was in charge of designing their costumes. Unbeknownst to her that Hermione's ghost was secretly helping students when she was not available.

One day, she met a confused young man named: Ross Doyle. He was currently cast as Macduff in the play. He had broken the traditions of the theater and awoke Adrian's Ghost. Ross was terrified, believing that Adrian was out to get him. So he came to the dressing room, believing that he would be speaking to Hermione for advice.

She greatly surprised him when she revealed that nobody named Hermione worked in the costume room and that she was the only current wardrobe mistress. Seeing that he looked troubled and confused she asked him he if needed any help. Then he told her that only if she believed in ghosts. Hearing this, she realized that he had been encountering Adrian's ghost.

Therefore she told him all about Adrian and what had happened to him. Then when she showed him on old poster of the Macbeth play from 1949, It revealed to him that Hermione was not only cast as Lady Macbeth, but that she was also Adrian's wife. He was shocked wondering why Hermione didn't tell him. Hearing this she was astounded and she revealed it was because Hermione St. Claire had been dead for the past twenty years!

Then when the cast was doing their dress rehearsal she sat down and watched. She was most surprised when Adrian, took place of Jesse as Macbeth and went on stage to do the final act. She was more surprised when she saw Hermione's ghost appear at the corner of stage. She overheard Hermione beg Ross to do the final act with Adrian. Therefore Adrian could finally finish his performance.

She along with the entire frightened cast and crew all sat down and watched Adrian and Ross perfectly act the play's final act. Afterwards she and everyone proudly applauded them and clapped. Then she watched Hermione proudly run into Adrian's arms. Then she watched her transformed into her old 1940s self. Afterwards she saw them passionately kiss. Then she observed the ghosts of her dear friends finally crossover to the afterlife at long last.


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