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This good character is a hero.

Hank Williamson is a character created by Frank. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Train Magic".


Hank is the older brother of Tim. His dad had been a train conductor and engineer. but sadly his dad recently passed away. Both he and his brother handled their grief in their own ways. Eventually he was able to start hanging out with his friends, go to movies and plays sports. Unlike his younger brother, who wanted to do nothing but play with his trainset downstairs in the cellar. Or help around at the train station.

He was trying everything to help his brother move on. He tried signing him up to play baseball. He also invited him to join him and his friends at the movies. But Tim refused, and only wanted to keep to himself.

One afternoon, on his way out, a man in a conductor's uniform stopped by. He asked him to give his brother a small very well detailed passenger car toy. He thought the man was just a delivery man playing the character. What he didn't realize was the delivery man was a real conductor. In fact he was the ghost of Ray Lawson. The conductor, who was responsible for the 713 train crash in 1915. Since Ray Lawson fell asleep, and didn't manually switch from track 1 to track 2. Since construction was being done, the train derailed and crashed.

Also the tracks that the train crashed on where near his house. So Ray Lawson had been stalking his brother, knowing he had a keen interest in trains and becoming a conductor. So Ray used train magic to make a toy passenger car into a port key. Then enabled his brother to teleport through a timeslip into the 713 train. It would happened when his brother placed the car onto his model train and turned it on. Ray Lawson devised an evil scheme to escape his ghost train, by passing his conductor's watch to his brother. Therefore his brother Tim would have taken Ray's place. However, his brother managed to escape the first time by pulling the emergency break.

Soon, he and his brother's long time family friend Cap Anderson: A maintenance man was captured by Ray and trapped as a prisoner on the ghost train. His brother saw it happened and begged him for his help. Tim wanted him to wait at the switch 224 and switch the tracks to switch from track 1 to track when the 713 would pass by. While Tim would turn on the trainset again and re-enter the 713 and get Cap out. He thought his brother was going crazy. over the grief of losing their father.

When he realized how serious and sincere his brother was asking for his help, and mentioning that Cap would die when the train crashed, he reluctantly agreed to help. So he went over in the dark to switch 224. At first he thought it was a waste of time. Since no trains have used these trains for about fifty years. Still he thought that going along with it, would make his brother happy. So he attempted to switch the tracks. But they were jammed from rust and age.

Then he was shocked and astounded when he saw that a train really was coming along. So he struggled and with all of his might, he finally switched the tracks. So the 713 finally switched to the right path as it was supposed to eighty years prior. Doing this, he saved his brother and Cap Anderson and they were freed. Along with all the ghosts of the passengers from the 713. Since Ray Lawson gave up his train and watch which was smashed by Tim who refused to become the conductor, Ray Lawson was now was doomed to just walk up and down the train tracks forever.


  • Jesse Moss also portrayed Jason
  • The character may have been slightly based on the singer Hank Williams Sr. Who was a country singer who sang some songs about trains.

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