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This good character is a hero.

Henry the Protector is a character created by Megan. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Stone Maiden".


Henry is self proclaimed protector of the park. He refers to himself as the Protector. He is always following and promoting his fours beliefs of: "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover". He keeps the park and woods clean and tidy. Whether he is homeless or not is unknown.

During the events of the story, the city decided to balance their budget. Therefore they hired a maintenance crew to separate a statue. Then to have it sold to a park in another city. The statue selected was The Stone Maiden Statue. Therefore the boy statue was separated away from the girl statue. The artist who sculpted and donated the statue to the park was: Vivian White. She had a signed contract to always keep the statue intact. She was not informed about any of this happening. The city either ignored the contract or were not aware of it.

One day after and he was picking up garbage, he overheard some teenagers talking over the bushes. He was intrigued so he peaked to see what was going on. An artistic girl named Julie Hart was taking silly and expressive pictures of her boyfriend Kevin Tyler. Unbeknownst to him, his face was captured on film. Therefore he would soon be misinterpreted for being a spying stalking.

A short time later, he came across Kevin deeper in the woods. Kevin was upset. Since he and Julie just had a disagreement and broke up. From a nearby distance he noticed the girl statue now seemed to be pouring out real water from its vase. Kevin then took a drink. Kevin immediately spat it out. Kevin immediately began to feel ill, almost as if Kevin had been poisoned and began to clutch his stomach in agony. Slowly he approached him attempting to help him. Then Kevin screamed for he to back off and leave him alone. Then he observed Kevin instantly be transformed into a stone statue.

The next day later in the afternoon, he eagerly waited for Julie to come back to the park. Then he startled her by making a sound in the woods. Just as she entered the woods, he popped out they both startled each other and they ran off. He unintentionally began chasing her into the woods. As Julie fearfully ran from him, and then jumped in front of her. He told her that all he wanted to do was to speak with her. He tried to calm her down. He promised her that he wouldn't hurt her. Also that he knew where Kevin was. Julie nervously followed him into the bushes. They came to a halt when they found a stone statue version of Kevin.

Julie looked at it in disbelief, and she wasn't convinced that the statue was her boyfriend. But he tried to convince her that it was him, and that he saw it happen to him. He showed her the girl statue. Then he explained that Kevin drank the water from the fountain and looked severely sick. He then tried to help Kevin, but Kevin pushed him away. Julie now recognized him as the stalker from her photograph. So now she thought that he was a crazy mad man playing some sick joke. He tried to convince her the statue did it. Also that he had no reason to lie. Finally he convinced Julie that he was harmless and telling her the truth. Then checking the name plate, it informed them that the statue was sculpted by the artist: Vivian White.

He and Julie proceeded to visit Vivian White. After introducing themselves, he was amazed because Vivian also made art from recyclable items. They proceeded to tell Vivian that they came to talk to her about the Stone Maiden statue. Since he claimed that it turned Julie's boyfriend to stone. They were about to leave, when they assumed that she would not believe them. However Vivian informed them that turning people to stone is exactly what it does.

Vivian explained that she sculpted The Stone Maiden statue years ago. She made it when she had trouble finding true love. She explains that the statue was based on a story from ancient Greece. The story was about: Two young lovers, who were being torn apart because their families didn't approve of their relationship. The girl found a magic potion that could turn them both into stone. Therefore, they decided that since their love was so strong, they decided to spend eternity together as statues. Instead of spending the rest of their lives apart.

After looking at a sketch of the statue, it was revealed that the statue had a mate to go with it. Then he and Julie informed her that the Maiden was alone with no boy statue. Therefore Vivian phoned the city and she was furious to find out the reasons why part of the statue was sold. He backed Julie up when she informed Vivian, that the fountain in the vase still worked. Vivian was shocked claiming that the girl statue had no fountain in it. He said that it was to believe but it was true. The statue did have water pouring out from it. Since Kevin drank it, which turned him into stone. Vivian just starred on in disbelief, not believing that the legend was actually true.

He then came up with a theory that the statue didn't like to be alone. Since her lover was gone, she has chosen Kevin to replace him. Then he predicted that if they returned the boy statue, The girl statue wouldn't be lonely anymore. Therefore she would turn Kevin back to normal.

He, Julie and Vivian rushed down to the park's head office. They immediately demanded they put the boy statue back. The Maintenance Man Bob was very rude and unconvincing. Bob refused to listen to them. So he proceeded to steal the truck and drive it back to the clearing. Julie followed the truck on a bike.

Then just as he prepared to put the statue back into place, Vivian observed the water coming out and was simply astonished. He warned her to not drink it. Then Tyler's parents showed up. They demanded to know what's going on and where their son was. Julie explained that they thought that something happened to Kevin. After he drank some water from the statues fountain. Then he clicked the statue back into place. Instantly the fountain stopped. He rejoiced, stating that the statue got her boyfriend back. Therefore the spell was now broken.

Then they all ran over to where Kevin was. However, Kevin was still a statue. Therefore, straight from her heart Julie confessed her love to Kevin. He heard Julie say that she didn't care what his parents thought of her, or of them being together. She stated that they might be different, but they belong together. Then Julie told the Kevin statue that she loved him. Then Julie kissed the Kevin statue on the cheek. Then Julie pleaded for Kevin to come back to her. Then from love's true kiss, the statue of Kevin Tyler instantly transformed back to normal. He and Vivian hugged in rejoice.

Afterwards, He and Vivian found each other and fell in love. Along with their passion for recycling and art.


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