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This a good character as well as a ghost!

Hermione St. Claire is a character created by Megan. She appeared in "The Tale of the Walking Shadow".


Hermione was a professional actress. In her youth she married the love of her life Adrian Harcombe. She and her husband acted together. In 1949 she and her husband were cast as the lead roles in the Shakespearian play Macbeth. She was cast as Lady Macbeth and her husband was cast as Macbeth.

On the opening night of the play, the performance was going wonderfully. Then just before the final act, her husband suddenly became terminally ill and died. She was devastated and was never the same again. Afterwards, she soon realized that her husband's ghost began to hunt the theater. She knew that he was not malicious, but he was only bent on tormenting those who disrespected the traditions of the theater. Such as: Whistling in a theater, saying the name of the current play that was going to be done, and portrayers leaving the costume room, or theater with their costume on. If it was not time for the actual performance.

To help her husband's spirit stay calm, she took these traditions very seriously. So she saw to it that other people would abide by them.

For about thirty years, she worked as a wardrobe mistress. Along side with her friend Gwen. Until she passed away in 1979.

For the next twenty years, her ghost quietly lurked around the theater. She still saw to it that other people respected and obey the traditions of the theater. In 1999 after fifty years, the theater was finally producing Macbeth again. After all this years of waiting, she made sure that the performances would go perfectly. What she really wanted, was for the portrayer of Macduff to help her husband act out his final scene.

She soon met two teenagers: Vanessa who was portraying Lady Macbeth and Ross Doyle who was portraying Macduff. She was happy to see that Vanessa was an ambitious and dedicated actress. But she became worried to see that Ross lacked confidence in his acting abilities and that the whole concept of the play creeped him out. She warned him about the importance of obeying the traditions of the theater. But he didn't believe her. So when he broke them, he unintentionally summoned her husband's ghost.

During the dress rehearsal, her husband's ghost emerged and went in place of Jesse. Initially terrified at the sight of her husband's ghost, Ross was almost frozen in fear. Then she appeared at the side of the stage. She begged Ross to do the final scene with him, and let her husband finish his performance. Since he had been waiting for so long.

So Ross acted out the final scene with her husband's ghost. It was a very impressed and well done performance. She was so proud of him that she was almost crying tears of joy.

Afterwards, she proudly ran into her husband arms and they reunited. Since he had completed his unfinished business at long last. Then he spun her around several times. Then she and her husband instantly changed back into their 1949 younger selves. Then after a passionate kiss, they peacefully crossed over to the afterlife at long last.


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