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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Hillary is a minor character created by Vange. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of Many Faces".


Not very much is known about her. She is believed to be a beautiful young woman. Recently before the events of the story began she was lured to visit Madame Visage. Madame Visage (in disguise) may have personally invited her over to "The Madame Visage Theater Company".

Soon Madame Visage convinced her to begin constantly applying a special face powder to her face. Which at first made her look more shinning, shimmering and radiant. Eventually Madame Visage held her captive. It was then revealed to her that Madame Visage was a malevolent witch. One whom had stayed alive for over three hundred years, by literally stealing beautiful young women's faces. Madame soon stole her face and stored it inside a magical containment book.

Without a face she would look like a freak. Therefore she was given a porcelain mask to wear. One that had a blank default feminine expression on it. She was also given a blue housecoat to wear. It had the #83 on it. Since from then on she would only be referred to as #83. She was forced to work as a slave for Madame Visage. Along with many other captured young women. She either had to reluctantly obey and assist Madame Visage. Or she would be kicked out back into society. Where she would face mistreatment and ridicule for no longer having a face. Or as a worse punishment: Being trapped inside the punishment book. Once a victim was trapped inside the punishment book, they were never seen again. She soon became acquainted with a several other captured young women. #66 (Lorette), #72 (Kayla), #87 (Lizzie) and very nervous girl only known as #90. She eventually just stopped caring and accepted her fate.

Eventually Madame's potential new victim Emma was lured to the theater. Emma soon had her face stolen and enslaved the very same way that she had been. So Emma became known as #94. Unbeknownst to her, #94 and #87 formed a bond and made an escape attempt. Fearing for her safety, she reluctantly attempted to help stop them.

Until #94 encouraged she and the rest of slaves to fight back. Since they were still the same people that they always were. Even without their faces. Therefore #94 formed a mutiny with all of Madame Visage's other captured faceless slaves. She joined in on the mutiny. Because not only was she tired of being a slave: she almost missed her parents. Then Two other slaves held Madame Visage in restrain. Then #94 returned Madame Visage's original elderly face to her. Which was over three hundred years old. Which killed Madame Visage when she caught up with old age.

Afterwards, she along with all of the other slaves got their faces back.

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