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Hooper Picalarro, appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Ghastly Grinner" She was portrayed by Heidi Burbela.


She was a smart, nerdy, brainiac girl with braided pigtails, glasses and braces. She, supported Ethan Wood and thought he

"Sorry, I don't have much of a sense of humor"

was really a good artist. Also she felt bad for Ethan, when she saw their science teacher, Mr. Wrightson dropped his rare one of a kind comic book, into the fish tank. She later called him at his home to tell her how sorry she was about that happening.

Then, she came over to see if he was all right. Then she heard an explosion over the phone. After Ethan informed her that he accidentally and somehow brought the character in his comic book to life. The Character The Ghastly Grinner, soon also turned her parents into laughing and drooling idiots just as he did to Ethan's parents.

Hooper and Ethan went onto the city bus to ride to the comic shop, so Ethan could ask the shop owner Frankie how to stop the Grinner. But on the way they found out the bus driver, driving the bus was already turned into a laughing and drooling idiot too. The ride down town was very dangerous, and the bus driver kept trying to crash the bus. Until he bumped his head and passed out and Hooper and Ethan made it out okay.

Her suggestion at first was to expose the Grinner to microwave rays. Because if it brought him to the real world, then it could take him back to the comic world. Also reading through the incomplete Ghastly Grinner final issue sketches she thinks it was how it was supposed to end.

In their classroom she sets up the giant microwave machine and has Ethan turn it on. However it didn't work or harm The Grinner in anyway.

Finally she suggests that Ethan finishes the last Ghastly Grinner Comic, giving Ethan much encouragement and support. As Ethan was just about finished, she noticed how quiet things were. When suddenly a cardboard cutout turned out to be The Ghastly Grinner!

He picked her up by her pigtails and tried laughing at her, to turn her into a laughing drooling Idiot as well. But amazingly it didn't work! He even asked her: "What's the matter kid? don't you like to laugh?" She just told him: "Sorry, I don't have much of a sense of humor". Seems she along with those with no sense of humor can resist some or even all of The Ghastly Grinner's powers.  He let her go after he realized Ethan finished the last comic book with Ethan as the main superhero.

Hooper, reads through the new comic pages to see Ethan as the hero has the upper hand. Until the end when The Ghastly Grinner sneaks up on him and is about to victimize him as well and in the page, Ethan yells out: "Hooper!". Not knowing what else to do, she took out her bag of school supplies including a gigantic eraser, bigger than any usually seen.

She erased, The Ghastly Grinner's face until the eraser caught fire. Then in a little explosion of light Ethan along with Frankie and Sylvester Uncas were freed from the comic world and The Grinner was gone forever.

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