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Hughie Downs is a character created by Frank. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Full Moon".


Hughie is the best friend of Jed Harris. He and Jed are self employed pet detectives. They work together helping people in their area find their missing pets.

During the events of the story, he and Jed had their work cut out for them. Many people in their area had reported that their pets had gone missing. He and Jed were recently hired by a Mrs. Neville to help find her missing cat "Misty".

When Jed found a bunch of pet tags and collars on the porch of a new neighbor, he and Jed suspected that the new man in the house had something to do with the pet disappearances. The man was Mr. Ankers, and one night later Jed told him that he saw Mr. Ankers transform into a werewolf from looking at the full moon.

He helped Jed look up information about werewolves. He found out that some people can get a disease and condition called lycanthropy. Which can cause the person to transform into a werewolf when the moon is full. Also he found out that werewolves are allergic to red roses and items made from pure silver. Also that they need to eat fresh meat to survive. He really scared his friend when he read that werewolves also liked eating children. The only advice he could think of, was for Jed to move away. Which of course he just could not do.

Then he told Jed to test the theories on Mr. Ankers. When it turned out that Mr. Ankers wasn't a werewolf, Jed told him he must have been mistaken. Still Jed talked him into investigating Mr. Ankers' house. Since Jed still had a hunch that something really was going on there.

He reluctantly allowed Jed to break into Mr. Ankers' house. Then he and Jed searched the house top and bottom. Soon he came across a photograph that revealed that Mr. Ankers had a twin brother. Then suddenly the werewolf appeared. The werewolf was Mr. Ankers' brother Gordon!

Gordon chased him and Jed all around, until Jed silenced Gordon by blowing on a dog whistle. Then when Mr. Ankers came in to speak to them. By then he decided that he was scared enough, and he had enough excitement for one night. So he ran all the way home.

Soon Gordon became like a dog to Jed, when Mr. Ankers and Jed's mom got married. However it is unknown if he ever had the courage to speak to Jed again.

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