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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Ian Keegan is a character created by Gary & Frank. He appeared in the two part story arc: "The Tale of Cutter's Treasure".


Long ago, Ian was a ruthless pirate. He was part of Captain Jonas Cutter's crew. He along side with Mr. Noise and the rest of the crew robbed many people and looted their ships. Eventually he saw the light. So he betrayed his captain and crew by and switching over to the side of good. He chose to do this, after he realized that Captain Cutter and the crew were killing innocent people. Instead of just robbing them.

Soon he made a dagger that was blessed and imbued by the spirits of all the victims who were killed by Captain Cutter. He tracked down his old Captain and discovered that he was guarding his own treasure. Which was in a crypt under a mausoleum. However when he got to the crypt, he thought he could sneak up on from behind and stab him with the dagger. The he was startled to find only skeletal remains. This revealed to him that Captain Cutter already died and vowed to guard his treasure forever. He attempted to use magic from dagger to free his soul and avenge the victims. Before he had the chance to, Captain Cutter's ghost overpowered him, killing him with a cutlass.

Soon an unknown person retrieved his dagger and placed it into a chest of of his, along with a telescope and a key to the crypt. The chest became permanently locked. The only person capable of opening it, would be a worthy descendant of his. Only then, would his chosen one become destined to track down Captain Jonas Cutter and defeat him.

His ghost continued to watch over his descendants for the years to come. Waiting for a worthy descendant to come forward. In 1994 Dr. Vink eagerly seeked out to find the treasure. However he could not get the chest open. So he made a proposition with Sardo: If Sardo could find someone to open, Sardo would be awarded $5000.00.

His great-great-grandson Russell Ian "Rush" Keegan. Came to Sardo's Magic Mansion to buy a magic trick set for his younger brother Max. Then sure enough Rush was able to open his chest. This summoned, he, Captain Jonas Cutter and Mr. Noise's ghosts.

Sensing he was the chosen one, he showed him visions of prophecies in his dreams. Warning him to be careful. Soon Mr. Noise kidnapped his younger great-great-grandson Max. To cajole Rush to come and face the Captain in a final duel.

When Rush finally accepted his destiny, he showed up on the way as a ghost and warned Rush that What Captain Cutter wanted was not really what needed to be done. So eventually Rush entered the treasure room and encountered Captain Cutter. Rush almost got defeated. Until Max retrieved the dagger. Then Rush used the powers of his dagger to bind Captain Cutter to a throne. Then Rush broke his dagger. So nobody could ever free Captain Jonas Cutter, leaving him trapped with his treasure for all of eternity.

Afterwards his ghost appeared one last time to tell his great-great-Grandsons how proud he was of them.


  • Chip Chuipka also portrayed the minor role of Rush and Max Keegan's dad.

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