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Ian Keegan's Dagger was an item of good magic created by Gary & Frank. It was featured in the episode "The Tale of Cutter's Treasure".



Ian Keegan's Dagger

This dagger was presumably created by Ian Keegan, who subsequently blessed it with "all the souls of Captain Jonas Cutter's victims". Ian had wanted to use it to kill Cutter, only to realize too late that the evil pirate captain was already dead, and he ended up being killed by Cutter's ghost. Unknown to Cutter, a young cabin boy managed to sneak away with the dagger while he killed Ian.

The dagger went on to become part of a collection that, two centuries later, fell into Sardo's hands. Sardo went on to manipulate Rush Keegan (Ian's descendant in the modern world) to open the chest that contained the collection, leading to a prophecy being fulfilled: apparently, before Ian died, he prophesied that, one day, a Chosen One would come and use the blessed dagger to defeat Cutter, and that Chosen One would be the person who managed to open the chest. Despite his initial fears and unwillingness, Rush was eventually convinced by Dr. Vink to accept his destiny, and so took the dagger with him to find Cutter and save his kidnapped brother, Max.

Through the dagger's power, which was triggered whenever Rush was in danger from evil, Rush managed to banish Mr. Noise's spirit, and blast Cutter back onto a throne, and even bind the evil pirate's ghost's limbs to the throne with vines. However, Rush ultimately realized that Cutter's true desire was for the dagger to be used on him, for it was the only way that he could be freed from having to guard his treasure (which no one would come looking for as the age of piracy was long over). If not, he would be doomed to continue guarding his treasure forever. So, Rush broke the dagger in half over his knee instead, causing a cave-in and Cutter to be imprisoned with his treasure for all eternity. Ian's ghost later assured Rush that he had done the right thing, for the dagger's primary purpose was to punish Cutter for his evil ways, and that was exactly what Rush did.


Ian Keegan's Dagger contained potent spiritual powers as it was imbued with all the spirits of Cutter's victims: while it was initially shown to be rusty when Rush first opened it, when he held it in his hand, the rust had mystically faded away, and it shone as good as new. Its more notable abilities were unleashing energy blasts that could either knock evil spirits back or utterly dissipate them, and manipulating plants to confine evil spirits to a certain place. It is also possible that the dagger had power over earth itself, for when Rush broke it, it caused a cave-in that caused Cutter to be forever imprisoned with his treasure.