This a good character as well as a ghost!

Iris, appeared in the episode "The Tale of C7". She was portrayed by Stephanie Bauder.


She was Tommy's girlfriend , In 1945 just after World War II, ended a group of people were getting ready to throw a big welcome home party. It was for a local boy who went off to serve overseas. The local boy's girlfriend iris , who lived just across the lake arranged the whole thing. Then just before the party a telegram was delivered. This informed the people that boy wouldn't be coming home because he had died. Also


the same night, there was a really bad storm. Then the boy's girlfriend's canoe washed up on the shore empty. and she was never seen again after that her ghost was waiting for someone to help her play C7 so she can reunite with Tommy,  Then suddenly Iris comes back and addressing him as Tommy. Now they happily reunite and have their one last dance. The one in which they say they've been waiting so long for and, knew they would always do again. Jason watches being so happy for them. Then after their dance they share a passionate kiss. Then Iris gratefully thanks Jason for fixing the jukebox to send her back in time. Also for not stopping Lisa from warning her about the storm. Then Iris and Tommy leave the inn. Then they run off together to enjoy their lives at long last.

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