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This a good character as well as a ghost!

Iris is a character created by Sam. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of C7".


In 1945 just after World War II, ended a group of people were getting ready to throw a big welcome home party. It was for her boyfriend Tommy who went off to serve overseas. She lived just across the lake and arranged the whole thing. Then just before the party a telegram was delivered. This informed the people that boy wouldn't be coming home because he had died.

She got so upset she decided to go home and cry. So she got into her boat. She was unaware the same night, that there was a really bad storm. So her canoe capsized and she drowned. Later on. her boat washed up on the shore empty. and she was never seen again. Then fifty years later in 1995, a woman named Ellen bought the old Homestead Inn. The real estate agent told Ellen the legend of her. Which Ellen passed along to her children Jason and Lisa.

Jason found the old jukebox and it piqued his interest. When he and his family begun playing it, this summoned her ghost. During the daytime her ghost would be paddling her canoe looking for someone to help her. Then at night she would be stalking the old Inn. She was eager to find someone to help her fix the button that played the track for she and Tommy's favorite song. Since this could send her back in time and help her reunite with Tommy. She tried pressing it several times herself but it was jammed. Until Jason fixed the mechanism for the track that played it. Also Lisa risked her life and went out late at night and told her that a storm was coming.

When Jason was finally able to play track C7, it send him back in time to the welcome home party from 1945. There Jason saw her come in. So not only was she able to travel to the past, she also came back to life. It also turned out that there was a misunderstanding, Tommy was coming home after all. She and Tommy happily reunited and had their last dance. The one in which they say they've been waiting so long for and, knew they would always do again. Jason watched being so happy for them. Then after their dance they share a passionate kiss. Then she gratefully thanked Jason for fixing the jukebox to send her back in time. Also for not stopping Lisa from telling her about the storm. Then she and Tommy left the inn. Then ran off together to enjoy their lives at long last.

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