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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Isabel is a character created by Vange. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Virtual Pets".


Isabel was a classmate of Kate and Tom and was one of the four children who fell victim to the Diggers computer program during its attempted takeover of Earth. Unlike her friend Kate, Isabel was incredibly tech-savvy: she is introduced in the episode playing a hand-held video game of some sort and is later seen using a laptop computer in class, computer to Kate's paper and pencil. She first sees the Digger when one of her classmates is outside the school already playing with the handheld version that Tom had given him. She learns from him that these toys are seemingly a top-of-the-line virtual pet, due to their voice-interactive capabilities.

Later on, while sitting with Kate in class, she mocks her friend for her technophobic tendencies, but is distracted when her laptop suddenly crashes. As she attempts to fix it, she and Kate witness Tom's Digger clone give a handheld device to a female classmate, and Isabel drags Kate to speak with him about getting Diggers of their own. Where Kate was disturbed by Tom's change in personality, sickly appearance and tattoo, Isabel was only interested in getting a Digger of her own, and was offended by Kate's remark that Tom's appearance was caused by him spending too much time at his computer. Isabel was overjoyed upon learning that the Digger toys were free and actively encouraged Kate to take one for herself. When Kate did not, Isabel simply began playing with the toy right away. While out shopping with Kate that afternoon, Isabel was more excited by the device undergoing its "hatching," stage than she was in helping Kate buy clothing, and, after Kate left in frustration, she continued to play with the device when she left the mall for home. Upon arriving at home, Isabel was first exposed to the Digger's true nature: she asked what it needed, and it requested information, before giving off the same pink aura the Digger computer program Tom had discovered did. In the moments before it replaced however, her mother called her to dinner, and Isabel put the device away, though she would continue playing with it that evening when Kate came over to study for their science test the next day. During their study session Isabel continually read allow to the device, claiming that it "liked to be read to," before Kate, frustrated by Isabel's obsession with the toy, locked it in the closet when Isabel decided she would study the following morning. Some time after that, Isabel was woken up by the device, requesting to be fed. The moment she opened the closet door, the device fired a pink beam into her forehead and she was imprisoned in the device while the Digger program cloned her, taking her place in the real world.

The following day, Isabel, along with the human version of Tom (also trapped inside a Digger device), was about to be uploaded into the Digger program's network, but Kate, having followed the clones of herself and Tom, witnessed the set up for the upload procedure. While their attempts to stop the upload by uninstalling the program or crashing the computer failed, Isabel saved Kate from being replaced herself when her clone returned and forced Kate to stare into a handheld device. Once Tom's computer was destroyed, Isabel and the others were freed and Isabel promised Kate she would no longer mock her technophobia.


Isabel's Digger replacement arrived on Earth a few hours after the human version first received the handheld Digger toy from the Digger version of Tom. As with all the Digger clones, she was notably different from her human version in her tired, sickly appearance, hostile personality, the fact she was wearing the same outfit for multiple days in a row and, most notably, the tattoo of the Digger's bulldog avatar on her neck.

When she met with Kate the morning after her arrival, she feigned ignorance to the events of the night before, including the fact that human Isabel went to bed early, asking if she "looked sick" as a counter to Kate's query to Isabel's health. She deflected the fact that she was wearing the previous day's clothing by noting they were late for school and became incredibly offended when Kate called her tattoo gross. At school that day, rather than sitting with Kate in class (as the human Isabel did), the Digger Isabel sat with the three other kids who had been replaced by the Digger program. On the Digger version of Tom's orders, at the end of the school day, Digger-Isabel once more offered Kate a Digger and, when Kate refused it, aggressively insisted the toy was very fun. After Kate's second refusal, she then invited herself to Kate's house to do homework, and when Kate said they would go after volleyball practice, she told Kate she wasn't going, without telling her why. Isabel then met with Tom's replacement outside of the school, and, after briefly spying on Kate, they went to Tom's house to meet with the other two victims of the Digger and provide their master with an update on the takeover. During their mission debrief, they heard a noise, and Digger-Isabel investigated it, only founding a house mouse in the storage area, unaware it was actually Kate spying on them. Once the group set the procedure to upload the data of their human versions, they left Tom's house to return to school and find more victims, with the Digger-Tom insisting that Kate be among the next wave of victims. Digger-Isabel assured him that Kate would be, and upon he return to school found that volleyball practice had let out early since neither she nor Kate had shown up. Panicked, the Digger Isabel returned to Tom's house and caught Kate in the final stages of her attempt to crash the computer that was being controlled by the Main Digger. Though she was successful in distracting Kate from that, she failed in her last-ditch attempt to replace Kate and was unable to stop her from grabbing a mirror hanging on the basement wall that deflected the upload beam into the computer, ultimately destroying the Digger, killing her and freeing the human Isabel.

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