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This good character is a hero.

Jace Ellman is a character created by Kiki. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Quiet Librarian".


Jace is a handsome jock, who some people think is stuck up, arrogant and conceited. During the events of the story, his history teacher assigned his class to all work together in groups on a assignment. He found out he was was paired up to work with a jock named Laurie Napier who‘s a brainiac. He has a slight attraction to her and thinks he’s kind of cute. Meanwhile, his friend Brian feels bad for him. His friend mentions that she is a cold and snobby geek.

Later on in the hallway during class change he laugh as he listens to Brian making fun of Laurie. Just so happens they run into Laurie and her friend Carla who hear what they're saying. Now Laurie got offended and was really mad.

Next we see Jace sitting around not doing much. Since Laurie won't let him do any of the work. She coldly gives him a list of books they need for their assignment and asks him to go to the basement to find them. He tells her to try and lighten up, and not be so bossy and cold all the time.

He goes to the basement with her notebook with the list of books they need. When no one is looking he puts on his reading glasses and finds the exact books they'll need. He has strange feeling that something weird is going on, but he shrugs it off. When he find the books he needs, he heads back upstairs forgetting her notebook.

He meets Laurie at the photocopy machine, and she’s surprised to see he wears glasses. So now she smiles realizing maybe they're not too different after all. However he takes them off and denies wearing them. Next we see that Laurie doesn't let him do any of the work. Since she thinks he isn't smart enough. Then he decides to kill time by playing with an irritating sound effects toy. This really annoys Laurie and many other people sitting nearby them. She gets mad and takes it from him, giving him a mad look and tells him to stop. He gets mad at her for treating him like a kid and he storms off and leaves.

Outside the library, she demands he give her the books back, he says that found them and they're his books. Which he needs to do his report with. She says it's their report and their teamwork just isn't working out, and one of them has to do it. Mad he hands her the books and tells her fine do it, he didn't want to work on a team anyways.

After school ends, Laurie realizes that he still had her notebook. She finds him at football practice and asked him where it was He tells her that he forgot it in the library basement. Then they agree to meet later at the library to get it back.

When he and Laurie met at the library at 7:00 pm the doors were locked. Seems neither of them knew that the library would close at that time. After seeing how upset she is and worrying she will fail the assignment, he decides to try and make it up to her. So he attempts to break into the library through one of the windows. After trying several windows that won't budge he was about to give up. Then suddenly an upstairs window opened.

He and Laurie climbed up the wall pipe and they both carefully climb inside. Suddenly she points out that the photocopy machine has disappeared. Then he and Laurie heard a strange noise coming the basement in and it startled them. He wanted to just leave, but Laurie needed to find her notebook. He takes Laurie down to the library basement and it's changed.

The basement now had no lights, There were a lot less books than before, and the room was much cleaner now. Also the path to the Quiet Reading Room, was now clear to be seen. Then Laurie unlocked the door to the Quiet Reading Room. Then they went inside to see if someone put the notebook in there.

The room was like an ancient tomb covered in thick and spider webs. Then he and Laurie were horrified from what they. At the table were the ghosts of children. Two of them, in old-fashioned clothing, woke up and resumed reading. Also a boy named Timmy and a teenage girl named Natalie who disappeared a few days ago were there too. They looked at him and Laurie, opened their mouths to scream but no sound could be heard. He and Laurie were terrified and ran off.

Then at the end of the room, they thought they could see the librarian Mrs. Hurley. It turns out it was not Mrs. Hurley. Instead, it was the Quiet Librarian: The vengeful spirit of a very strict and abusive librarian who hated any noise and trapped it into her small magic box. Also she locks away any disruptive people into the quiet reading room, using it as a prison. Timmy had mistakenly released her spirit a few days before, when he cleared the blockage to the door to the Quiet Reading Room. Both he and Laurie screamed and hid by the bookcase.

The Quiet Librarian approaches them and he asked her who she was.  Then she opened her wooden box in front of him. Suddenly it glowed and it stole his voice. Then Laurie grabbed him and they ran away. He and her barricaded the door with a bookcase. They then realized all the windows were locked, and all the phones and fire alarms (much less anything modern) was all missing. So he and she could not call for help.

When the Quiet Librarian forces her way in, he and Laurie ducked down to hide. They crawled away to hide from her and accidentally knock something over. The Quiet Librarian opens her box and steals the sound of the noise coming from the object falling down. Due to him being mute. Then he hand signaled for her to run and hide upstairs.

Then he played the wind up phonograph in the basement, in an attempt to lure the librarian over to him. Furious of the loud music's sound, the Quiet Librarian went over to stop him. She found him, then he grabbed some records and ran for it, as he came up with an idea.

She cornered him flashing the light at him, as he smashed each record hoping the noise would make her go away. But with every record smashed, she stole the sound of it breaking every time. Then she closed in on him. To send him to the Quiet Reading Room like all of her other muted prisoners. Then Laurie came by and told her to leave him alone. Then the Quiet Librarian uses the magic box on her and stole her voice too.

Then he and Laurie begun to use his noisy sound effects toy. It plays one irritating sound after another. This really irritated the Quiet Librarian. So he and Laurie kept on passing the toy back and forth to each other. The sounds were being playing too fast to be captured. So The Quiet Librarian got really annoyed and kept on asking them to stop. At first she pleaded for them to stop, and then got really angry.

Then after getting struck by a statue, she dropped the magic box on the floor. Then the box overloaded from hearing all those constant sounds. Then a beam of light flashed out. Then all the faces of all the people that were captured over the years were freed from the box. This destroyed the Quiet Librarian, and all that was left were some burnt bits and smoking ashes.

Then a Security Guard showed up. He was mad, asking he and Laurie what they were both doing there. He and Laurie were relieved to both have their voices back. Their excuse for being there, was that they've found the missing children. They took the security guard to the basement and showed him where the hidden door behind the bookcase was. The Guard was shocked to find it because the room hadn't been opened for many years.

When the door opened, Timmy and Natalie both exited with their voices restored and feeling shocked about what happened. The security guard asks them to stay put while he goes off to make a report about it.

Soon, a group of police officers are investigating the library from top to bottom, Laurie told him that no one was ever going to believe them, and she says that they make a pretty good team after all and he agreed. Then police officer found the notebook, which she was thrilled to get back. When they leave the library they happily agree to work together writing their assignment.

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