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Jacob is a character created by Sam. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Room for Rent".


He was a man who was once friends with a man named Samuel and engaged to a woman named Sara Simpson. Jacob thought Samuel was always trying to steal his fiancée. Turns out Jacob didn't know that at the time Sara and Samuel had fallen in love and she was going to break off their engagement anyways. Jacob and Samuel served together in World War II. One day their fighter plane was hit and had taken serious damage. All the other men had already bailed out with parachutes.

Samuel, not thinking they were going to make it out alive decided to give his parachute to Jacob and lie saying he would be right behind him. When he jumped out of the plane the Parachute failed and he fell to his death.

Many years later in the 1990s Sara had become a town psychic and medium. One night she did a ritual to allow a spirit with unfinished business to return to earth temporarily to try and fulfill their unfinished business. The spirit that came was his. Samuel's granddaughter Jessie and her friend Alex saw him arrive and were scared and suspicious about him.

He took an alias of John Browning and rented a room for rent at his old friend Samuel's house. Many chances he tried to possess Samuel's body as payback for letting him die. Though this was not easy, because as a spirit he had no physical contact and could not touch or grab anything. Eventually one night soon he did and he arrived over to Sara's home hoping to reunite with her and have them finally be together.

Jessie and Alex intercepted him and attempted to stop him. At first he tells them no because it was Samuel's fault he died and he should live instead of him. He was read the truth to him from Grandpa Samuel's diary. He reads some too and finally understood that Samuel meant to save him. Still he wanted to live again and finally be together with Sara. She finally admits to him that she's always loved Samuel and she never got the chance to tell him that she was going to break off their engagement.

After being pleaded to let Samuel go and save him, he releases his possessed spirit from Samuel's body and realizes perhaps it's time for him to move on too. He tells Sara that he'll always love her and to thank Samuel for him. Then his spirit ascended to Heaven.


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