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Jacques is a character created by Vange. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Many Faces".


Jacques is a French sophisticated and professional photographer. He works for a magazine company named: Spree.

During the events of the story, he was holding auditions for new models to appear within new issues of the magazine. Among the many girls who auditioned, were two girls named Jessie and Emma. Both of these girls were beautiful. But Emma had a slightly big nose and small thin lips. So her lack of confidence in herself did not help her pose for very good photographs. However he was very impressed with Jessie. So he chose Jessie to become the new sweater girl.

The next day, Emma visited the set again to give her support to Jessie. However when he saw Emma he was astounded by her immediately improved beauty. Emma's face was now glowing, shimmering and radiant. He did not even recognize her. In fact he did not realize that she had auditioned for him the previous day. But he had rejected her. He was shocked that he had overlooked such a beauty as Emma. So he began to take many beautiful pictures of her. He was so pleased and impressed with Emma that he made up his mind. So he chose Emma to become Spree's new cover girl.

What he did not know, was that Emma had met a beautician named: Madame Visage. She was a witch who had given Emma a magical jar of facial powder. This facial powder, when frequently used when immediately and significantly improve facial beauty. It would help make their face become shinning, shimmering and radiant.

However Emma would not realize until it was too late that Madame Visage was a malevolent witch. The facial powder would eventually enable Madame Visage to literally steal Emma's face. Then enslave Emma as a faceless servant.

Eventually Emma formed a mutiny with all of Madame Visage's other captured faceless slaves. Emma returned Madame Visage's original elderly face to her. Which was over three hundred years old. Which killed Madame Visage when she caught up with old age.

Afterwards, Emma and the rest of the slaves got their faces back. All the effects of the magical powder had worn off. So it remains unknown whether or not he still thought that she was beautiful enough to be his cover girl.


  • Martin Watier, also portrayed Paul.

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