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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Jake is a character created by Megan. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Lunar Locusts".


Jake is a dopey Jock. He is not too bright. Along with not being such a committed student. He is more committed to playing sports and being athletic. A while before the events of the story, he found a peculiar device on the beach: An odd ring with a clear gemstone core. It had a unique feature: It would glow in the moonlight.

He also started dating his girlfriend Julie. She was pretty and a fairly popular person. However she wanted them to go steady. But he felt that he was not ready to take on that kind of commitment. One night he and Julie were gazing at the stars on the football field. When suddenly his ring glowed and made a sound. Then a shooting star passed by the moon.

Julie said that they should make a wish. Also that if he could only guess what she would wish for. He knew what she meant. So he tried to change the subject. She mentioned that many people they knew were also going steady and the girls were wearing their boyfriends rings. So she wish that she could as well. Once again he tried to change the subject. Now she got mad at him trying to back out of commitment. So she took off and went home.

The next day at school, during lunch in cafeteria, he told his friend Pete that Julie wanted them to go steady. However he felt that it was just such a long commitment. Pete told him that Julie was a great girl. So he should be lucky. Since the girls in their school didn't seem to just throw themselves to him.

When suddenly, a new girl came to their table. The girl was a gorgeous blonde. The girl introduced herself as Ellen. Ellen explained that she just transferred in. So she figured out that he was the team's quarterback. So she felt that he was a good choice to be with (popularity wise). She asked him if he was available to show her around the school. He was smitten and happily agreed. When suddenly a jealous Julie came by and told her that he was not. Then she coldly asked Ellen to leave and she did. Julie was mad that he seemed so awestruck by her.

Then in the computer-room. He looked up UFO sightings, to see if he could figure out what he saw the other night. When suddenly out of nowhere, Ellen popped up and startled him. She apologized for scaring him. Then he explained to her that he saw a weird light in the sky the other night. So now he was trying to find out what it may be.

Ellen then complimented him on his ring. He thanked her explaining that he found the ring on the beach. Ellen said it was beautiful and she wanted to try it on. He was just about to let her when Julie came in. Julie madly told him that they have a class to go to. But before leaving, Ellen asked him if he could teach her how to use a computer. Since the school closed at the end of the day, he invited her over to his house, to teach her there.

A short time later, Julie told him that Ellen was strange. She explained that she observed her for an hour, monitoring and digging the grass on the football field. But he just laughed it off. Then Julie asked him if they could hang out and talk after school. He happily agrees. Until remembering that he had already made plans with Ellen. So he lied to her, saying that he had too much homework. Julie was stunned because he never seemed to do homework.

Over at his house, he taught Ellen how to use a computer. Soon afterwards Ellen said that she was tired. So she asked him to drive her home. So he agreed to. Then he became confused. It seemed that instead of driving her home, he had taken her to the middle of the woods. When he asked her about it, she didn't answer. Then Ellen came on to him. She told him she knew he had a steady girlfriend. But she really wanted to be his girlfriend and wear his ring instead. He was flattered by this, feeling emotionally touched. Then he told her that he loved Julie. Therefore he could not cheat on his girlfriend. Therefore his ring would be given to Julie.

Suddenly he realized that she caused the car doors to lock. Ellen then unleashed green tentacles to snare him and her eyes glowed bright green. She stared at him, trying to put him into a trance, asking for his ring. He wasn't affected. So he ran away terrified. Ellen quickly tripped and tackled him to the ground. She then covered his mouth, promising not to hurt him. Then she uncovered his mouth and apologized for scaring him (stating she had no choice).

So he asked her who or what she was. Ellen told him when he saw that light flickering in the nighttime sky, that was she arriving to earth. She was from another planet, and she really wasn't human. She was really a parasitic alien in disguise. After attempting to run off again, she tripped and bind him with her tentacles. She told him that she needed his help. Ellen showed him a newspaper. It read: "Flesh eating bacteria strikes again". Ellen said that it wasn't a bacteria. It was parasitic aliens that travel from planet to planet. They destroy and eat everything in its path. They are almost like lunar locusts. Ellen then explained that her planet, was recently invaded and destroyed by them. Therefore, she and her partner being the only survivors traveled to earth to stop them. They planned to try and defeat them. Therefore the earth wouldn't be destroyed next. Possibly she and her partner would even find a new home on earth.

Finally he agreed to help her, but he wanted to know why she asked him. So she showed him her necklace, which had a similar gem core on it. When placed next to his ring it emitted off a bright light. Ellen explained that his ring was her partners. Since he found it on the beach, that must have meant that her partner's spaceship crashed over the ocean, when arriving to earth. Ellen told him that they needed to use the both of them to destroy the lunar locusts. He now felt disappointed. After realizing that she was just using him to get the ring. She apologizes and then he understood.

Meanwhile Julie had been spying nearby, overhearing everything. Then she approached them as Ellen glared her glowing eyes. Then Julie ran off scared to report her to the police. That evening, he drove to school and Ellen lead them to spot on the football field. The place where the Mother Alien laid her eggs. She explained that tonight was the only night they can destroy them. Since there would be a full moon. Which was required for the devices to work from amplification from the moonlight from the intensity of the full moon. Therefore if not tonight, it would be too late. Then it turned out that Julie had followed them with a couple of police officers. Julie instructed the police to arrest them.

They evaded the police, as Ellen generated a claw on her fingernail. Ellen proceeded to use it to cut through the glass, to open the doors to break into the school. Ellen quickly retrieved her equipment that she hid in the science lab. Sneaking out of the school, Ellen became worried that the police would get them. So he came up with a diversion.

When he returned to his jeep, he was surprised to find Julie was in the back. He explained to her that it's very important to help Ellen fulfill her mission. Then he told her that he loved her. Also that she was the only one for him. He promised that he meant it, and they shared a kiss. Then Julie distracted the cops by playing the jeep's stereo full blast.

He ran back to the field, as Ellen had set up the light projectors in time. She instructed him to wait for her signal. Then to put on special sunglasses and throw his device into the projector. Then he and Ellen both got ready. He proceeded to run over to the projector to the right. Suddenly Ellen was grabbed by the cop. So she tossed her device to him. She stated that he was their only hope. He successfully tossed the first device into the left projector. Then he tackled the police officers on his way to the right one. He then threw the device, however it missed!

Then Julie walked by. So he quickly passed it to her and told her to toss it into the projector which she cluelessly did. Then he told Julie to cover her eyes. Then he and Ellen put on their sunglasses. Then a large circular area was engulfed in a blinding green light. Ellen seemed delighted. He was happy as well and rejoiced. Then Julie asked him what they just did.

He proudly informed her that they had just destroyed the flesh eating alien locust eggs. Then he gave her the newspaper to show her. Julie was baffled saying that the article wasn't about flesh eating aliens. The article was about a bacteria in Brazil that was stopped with antibiotics. Hearing this, he became confused stating that the Mother Alien laid her eggs in the field and they zapped them. Hearing this, Julie became more confused asking him what Mother Alien?

So he asked Ellen if they destroyed them. Ellen then took off her sunglasses and smirked at him. She gave him a: "Ha Ha, Gotcha!" look, as Ellen started insanely laughing. Looking down below, he and Julie could hear the eggs hatching. It turned out, that Ellen deceived and conned him. She succeeded in doing so by taking advantage of his poor intellect. Ellen WAS the Mother Alien! Instead of destroying her eggs, he and Julie unwittingly helped her hatch them! Therefore Soon the lunar locust would invade and eradicate the earth!


  • Aaron Ashmore also portrayed Billy.

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