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Jake is a character created by Quinn. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Reanimator".


Jake is the quiet friend of Peter, he and Peter's sister Emma have a slight crush on each other. Although his friend is a bit mean-spirited and a jerk at times, he goes along with it too. Whether it is giving into peer pressure or his own doing is unknown. During the events of the episode it was April Fools' day. So he thought that Emma was going out of her way to play a joke on him and Peter.

He didn't believe her, when she tried to tell him and Peter that Mr. Doyle (the scientist she worked for after school) had invented a revitalizing fertilizer serum. One which could regenerate DNA and bring organisms back to life. So later that evening, Peter talked him into getting back at his sister. So later that night he and Peter dressed up like shrub monsters and scared her on her way out. Afterwards he had a pang of conscience and apologized, saying that Peter made him do it.

On the way home, Julie once again tried to convince he and Peter that Mr. Doyle had invented the serum. And that the professor must be planning to revive his late wife. He and Peter reluctantly followed her to the cemetery where they could see Mr. Doyle visiting his wives' gave. He and Peter still didn't believe her, they just thought that she got Mr. Doyle to play along with her.

She showed him a vial of the serum to prove it to him. Then thinking it was all a big joke, he observed Peter snatch the vial from her and went over to a random grave. He followed Peter over to the gave he picked. It was the grave of Ian Kazex (whose epitaph said "May he be forgiven") He observed him dump the serum all over the soil. Then he felt fed up with all of the jokes. So he grabbed the serum away and told them to play anymore April Fools' day jokes. Since things were starting to seem too weird now.

It didn't seem to work at first, but after they left, Peter mistakenly reanimated a murderer! It followed them home. The zombie was out to get them. So Julie screamed for help her when she answered the door. But he and Peter didn't believe her. He and Peter just thought that the pizza guy was at the door.

Soon enough he could see that the zombie really did follow them home! So they all ran over to Mr. Doyle's place for help. On the way Julie instructed him to spay it with cold water. Since she remembered that Mr. Doyle used water to wash off the serum, on a previous demonstration. But for some reason it didn't work.

Then inside the laboratory he found the hot box room and pointed out how the heat was shriveling up and killing the plants. So they realized that needed heat to remove the serum. So as Peter entered the hot box room and taunted the zombie with the vial, he and Emma closed the door. Instantly the heat in the room immediately caused the evil zombie to dry and wither away choking back to death. It was a very unpleasant sight.

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