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Jake "The Snake" Desmond is a character created by Tucker. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Jake the Snake".


Jake Desmond, many years ago was a struggling hockey player. Soon he studied some dark magic and imbued a cobra into becoming a special hockey stick This hockey stick enabled him to play so much better, that apparently he became known as one of the greatest hockey players of all.

People would refer to him as Jake the Snake, he got this nickname for his ability to slither like a snake through any defense.

However, soon his good luck came with a curse, It turned out his hockey stick was evil. Therefore it turned him into a evil nasty reptilian snake like monster. Whether he was intentional or unintentional to become this way is unknown. For years to come, he clandestinely worked in the basement of his old high school. To ease suspicion he would treat injured athletes by giving them ice for their injured noses. Every so he would come across another struggling athlete. Then he would trick them into  with the hockey stick.

When after shooting a certain numbers of shots, the victim would be cursed and changed into a type of snake. Then he would keep the snake trapped along with the others in a pit with a trap door in the basement. His reasons for doing this, may have been for the purpose of soul hunting. Or even just the sadistic pleasure of seeing them suffer.

Years later, two teenage boys named Zach and his friend Wiley Halpin were trying out for their school hockey team, but Wiley just wasn't as confident and talented as Zach was.

After the first day of tryouts, Wiley met him in the basement, when Wiley went to get ice for his bleeding nose. There he told Wiley his story. Next he encouraged Wily to go and rummage through his forgotten stuff to find his cursed hockey stick.

He promised Wiley that it would help him improve and play like a professional. The powers of the stick gave Wiley immediate improvement, which ended up earning him a position on the hockey team that otherwise might have gone to Zach. That night, while Wiley slept, the stick turned into a cobra, which proceeded to bite him.

Wiley suddenly started getting rashes and scales on his body and started shedding profusely. Also he developed a bad attitude and begun to be mean to Zach and started to think like a snake, almost eating a lab mouse thinking it was a hot dog.

Just before going to a hockey game, Wiley spoke with him in the basement. He asked him what was happening to his skin. He told Wiley not to worry about it, and just focus on playing. Also he lied to him saying that if he kept using the hockey stick, he could join a professional hockey team, which greatly intrigued him.

When Wiley left with Duchamp for the game, Zach came out of hiding having overheard their frightening conversation. Zach decided to confront him.

He then revealed to Zach that soon Wiley would belong to them. Next he revealed himself to Zach explaining why he was cursed the way he was. The reason was because he was the first one who used the hockey stick. Then many others since him have also used it. But they have all just been transformed into snakes. He then admitted that he was planning to make Wiley the newest snake to add to the pit. Then to strike more fear it Zach's eyes, he gave the snakes a dead rat to snake on. Then he intended to feed Zach to the snakes as a much bigger meal. However Zach escaped and ran off to warn Wiley.

Zach tried to warn Wiley about the truth about Jake and what his intentions were. Wiley at first didn't believe Zach, thinking he was just jealous of his new talents. Soon after an argument, Zach made off with the hockey stick and tried to return it to Jake.

Then he captured Zach and suspended him in the air above the pit of snakes on a rope pulley, intending to feed him to the snakes. Wiley showed up, having reclaimed the stick, and saw him for who he really was.

Next he slowly begun to lower Zach into the pit. Zach repeatedly begged Wiley for his help. Taking a risk, Wiley used the hockey stick, and did a slap shot and hit Jake with a hockey puck. This made him fall right into pit full or various frightening snakes.

Although Wiley had good intentions to save his friend, he still used the stick one final time. Therefore his final transformation immediately begun. Zach realized that the hockey stick was the source of all the problems. So he broke the hockey stick in half on his knee.

The hockey stick changed into a cobra, ready to take a chomp at him. Zach quickly threw the cobra into the basement furnace, destroying the stick. Wiley immediately changed back to normal since the transformation was incomplete.

However, shortly after Zach and Wiley left the basement, his hand was seen emerging from the pit!

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