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This Magical Item is Evil!

Jake Desmond's Hockey Stick was an evil magical item created by Tucker. It appeared in the episode "The Tale of Jake the Snake".



Many years before the events of the story, Jake Desmond was a struggling hockey player. Then as time went on, he either taught himself dark magic. Or he discovered his true lineage as a warlock. So he imbued a cobra into becoming this magical hockey stick.

Upon immediate use of this hockey stick, Jake Desmond significantly improved. He soon become a professional player. This hockey stick also improved his agility. Which helped him to move faster and slither through any defense.

Soon Jake Desmond realize that this hockey stick was cursed. Not only did it enable him to slither like a snake. It was literally turning him into a snake! However, since he was the first user of it, he was changed into a hideous and grotesque snake like monster. It bestowed him evil powers and drove him to become a soul hunter.

Soon Jake disappeared from society and lived a life in isolation in the basement of his old high school. To ease of suspicion, he secretly posed as a school medic. He would periodically treat injured athletes. Then over the years, he tricked many struggling athletes into using this hockey stick. He would tricking them with lies of false hope into believing it would help them become professional players.

The instant that a new person took their first shot with this hockey stick they would become cursed. When the person was asleep or off guard, the hockey stick would change into a cobra and bite them. Unlike Jake, everyone after he would gradually become a real snake. Every shot they took with this hockey stick would bring them one step closer into becoming a snake. Eventually after taking one final shot, the victim would transform into a real snake. Then Jake would steal their soul and take them prisoner. Jake would store the snakes inside a pit sealed within a trap door. He would regularly feed them dead rodents.

In the year 1999, best friends Zach and Wiley Halpin badly wanted to join their high school hockey team. Wiley having low self-esteem didn't think he had what it took. Soon he encountered Jake in the basement (not yet seeing him face to face), he persuaded him to use the hockey stick.

Soon the hockey stick began to slowly transform Wiley into a snake. Zach overheard Wiley speaking to Jake when Wiley expressed concerned over why his skin was becoming dry and scaly and why he had developed a craving for mice.

When Zach confronted Jake, Jake informed him about everything that was going to happen to Wiley. Also that if Wiley used the stick one more time, he would transform into a snake. Then to keep the secret from being exposed, he attempted to feed Zach to the snakes. But Zach escaped and ran off.

Later on, Zach stole the hockey stick from Wiley and attempted to return it. He demanded that Wiley be left alone. But a huge snake captured Zach. Zach was then hanged upside from a pulley on the ceiling. Soon Jake begun to slowly lower Zach into a pit to feed to the snakes.

Just then Wiley showed up, originally to just reclaim the hockey stick. He then saw Jake for who he really was. So he shot a puck at Jake and it knocked him over. Then Jake fell into the pit of snakes. Wiley saved Zach in time, but his metamorphosis began.

Zack quickly took the hockey and broke it in half. It turned back to a cobra and attempted to bite him. Luckily it didn't as Zach threw the pieces into the furnace and burned it. Then the spell was broken and Wiley changed back.

As Zach and Wiley left the basement, Jake Desmond's hand was seen slowly emerging from the pit. It is unknown whether Jake would or would not make a replacement for this hockey stick.