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This character is a ghost as well as a hero.

Jake Griffin (1945-1990) is a character created by Tucker. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Fire Ghost".


Jake Griffin Was a dedicated fireman working for station 214. In 1990, he and his crew worked hard to put out a fire at an old woman's house. His friend and co-worker Dan Preston saved the old woman in time. Then he went back inside to look for more trapped people. He was unaware that the roof was going to cave in. Dan called out to him, but unfortunately he didn't make it out in time. Dan took his death very hard, believing it was his fault for not getting him out in time.

Soon his old co-workers were aware that a Fire Ghost from that fire followed them back and haunted the fire station. The Fire Ghost believed that they were murderers for not letting it take natures course, and do what it thought was natural to do. So it began to haunt the fire station, doing things to get the firefighters into situations where they would stare into an open flame. Then summon the evil Fire Ghost. Then the fire ghost would get its revenge. Therefore he decided to remain at the station as ghost. And he vowed to protect the fire station, whenever the other firefighters weren't around.

One night in 1994, Dan and the company had hurry over to a warehouse to put out a fire. Dan left his children Jimmy and Roxy alone at the station. So his ghost appeared to protect the kids. At first they didn't know he was a ghost himself. He informed them about what a Fire Ghost was. He explained that it was like a wild animal. The fire lives, it dies, and it thinks. Because fire will do anything to survive and grow. It's the firefighter's job to stop it, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's dead. The spirit of the fire remains. The Fire Ghost follows the firefighters back to the station looking for revenge. Then he warned them to never get caught by a Fire Ghost. Or it would pull them into its world of eternal flames!

However, a little later on Jimmy mistakenly stared into a flame. Which summoned the fire ghost. The Fire Ghost started making a blazing inferno inside an equipment room closet. Then it shut off all of the power. Then it made a fire hose, wrap around Jimmy's legs and tried to pull him right into the burning closet. Luckily he showed in time and chopped the hose and freed Jimmy. Then he warned them to be on the lookout. Since a fire ghost is full of tricks. Roxy asked him how he knew so much about ghosts. He then revealed to them that he was a ghost too. So who would be better to know about ghosts than him?

The Preston kids escaped through a broke window, and bumped into a Police Officer. The Police Officer wanted to take a look around the fire station for himself. Then the officer insisted they wait inside the equipment closet. So they wouldn't get lost as the officer continued to look around. When both children refused profusely to go inside, the officer revealed itself to be the fire ghost in disguise.

The children ran off scared screaming to him for help. He explained that even though Jimmy only looked into a flame for a second, one second is all it takes to summon a fire ghost. Then he told them since they are the ones who summoned it, then they need to destroy it. Then the children asked him who he really was. So explained his whole story to them. Also that they happened to be the children of one of the best firefighters around.

Then Jimmy taunted the fire ghost to come and get him. Then Roxy sneaked up to it from behind and sprayed it with a fire extinguisher. This seemed to work at first, but then it quickly came back. Then Jimmy noticed the sprinklers on the ceiling. Then as it closed in on him, Jimmy pretended to beg it not to turn into fire, claiming it was just too scary. The fire ghost took Jimmy up on his taunt. Then used its full power engulfing itself into blazing and scorching flames. The flames were so high, that it set off the emergency sprinklers. Then instantly the fire ghost got doused and drenched. Then it vaporized into a pile of ash.

Then Roxy and Jimmy rejoiced and hugged in victory. Then he told them that his job here was now done, and then he vanished. Afterward the fire ghost was never seen at station 214 ever again. Then he finally crossed over to the afterlife.


  • Michael Copeman was also in the Goosebumps episode "Scarecrow Walks at Midnight" as Stanley.

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