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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Jake Joysen is a character created by Eric. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Jake and the Leprechaun.


Jake always dreamed of becoming an actor. Then he finally got his chance when he landed a part in the play called: "Will o' the Wisp". The play was about a boy being hunted by an evil goblin. He seeks the help and assistance from a benevolent leprechaun named Seamus Doyle, who helps turn him into a leprechaun to protect him.

The actor who portrayed Seamus Doyle was a friendly and old Irish man named Erin, whom he and the other people all respected. He noticed the director Lucy would often bring Erin a cup of his own special tea. He was curious, so he asked her about the tea. Lucy told him it helped Erin be creative and it seemed to always work. Feeling a little discouraged about his talents and abilities, he wondered if the tea would help him as well. So Lucy gave him the recipe. Which she said the ingredients were hard to find.

So he went to a greenhouse to buy the ingredients from the gardener, who was a short midget man named Sean O'Shaney. Then he asked Sean if he had the ingredients he needed to make the tea. The ingredients he needed were: Bluebells, Foxgloves and Ragweed. When Sean reads this list, he becomes furious and refuses to help him. Then he immediately asked him to leave.

Next we see him and Erin rehearsing another scene. The scene was about the boy begging for Seamus Doyle to turn him into a leprechaun to protect him from the goblin. So Seamus has him dance and say an incantation the first part is: "Fairy Rings, Dance and Sing, The Mortal Gloom a Dying Thing". Then Seamus takes a sip from a black pouch. The next part of it is: "Turn me now into spirit bright and leave behind the human plight". Then Seamus tosses The boy the pouch. The boy catches it and sips from it and says the second part. Then suddenly his voice begins to get very deep. So he breaks character and freaks out. He freaks out and gets scared, but Erin tried to assure him that nothing was wrong and it was just in his head. Then after Erin leaves Jake remembers Sean's card. He takes it out and runs over to go and see him.

When Jake goes back to Sean's greenhouse, Sean was not too happy to see him again. So he tried to send him on his way. He begs him to tell him about the strange tea herbs, but Sean just angrily ignores him. Finally Sean reluctantly let's him into his house for him to explain himself. He explains to Sean what the play was about. And that the more he rehearses for the play, the stranger he feels. Also the last time his voice temporarily changed. Then Erin said it's because he has the glamour. And it was the same thing Sean said that he had too. Then he thinks it's all in his head, and he might just be nervous about the play.

Then Sean realizes he was wrong about him, and that he had no idea what the herbs he wanted were for. He tells him all that he knows is that Erin uses them to make tea. Sean explained to him that herbs can be very powerful if you know how to use them and how to get them.

During the next days final rehearsal. the scene where the boy and was going to undergo the transformation to a leprechaun was being rehearsed again. Just when he once again says "Turn me now into a spirit bright, and leave behind the human plight". His voice changed again but this time he didn't react to it.

The suddenly from behind the stage someone has untied a rope and a prop tree comes crashing down. After this happens everyone became distracted. So everyone decided to take a break. When he goes back stage Sean explains that he dropped the rope to save his life. He was mad because that could have killed him. Then Sean explained to him that the real danger was that he is transforming. So he looked into a mirror to discover he has now grown pointy ears. Then he becomes horrified and screams.

He gets very worried, and Sean says it's from the glamor. Which is what is in the pouch that he and Erin sip from whenever they rehearse. Apparently every time he says the incantation and drinks the glamor, he is closer to becoming a changeling. At first he cannot believe what's happening. He claims that it's not real because the play is not real. But Sean assures him that it is. Also that tonight he'll take it for the final time. He could not believe that Erin would do something so horrible to him. Then Sean claims that Erin would if Erin is whom he thinks he is.

Then next day he and Sean sneaked down to the basement, to spy on Erin to see who he really was. He and Sean sneak into Erin's room. They hide under the bed to be seen. Then Erin takes off his disguise to reveal that he ha very long pointed ears, pointy toes and a hairy mane on his back. Then he and Sean carefully sneak out.

Sean informs him that Erin is an evil Banshee. Banshee's are the most evil types of Pixies. Sean explains that Banshee's drink the tea made from Bluebells, Foxgloves and Ragweed. Which was why Sean was so rude and unfriendly to him at first. Sean thought he might have been a banshee, who wanted to make the tea for himself. Sean also explained to him that Banshee's feed on human souls. Then every seven years they need to devour another one, leaving some pour helpless creature in its place. With shock he claims that the pet toad they saw in Erin's room was once a person. Sean tells him he will soon become a changeling too. Because the truth was he and Erin haven't just been rehearsing. They have actually been saying a real incantation and sharing a real potion.

He suggests he tell his parents and call the police, but Sean informs him it's too late. Since the process is almost done and he can't survive as half a changeling. Sean helps him fight back. That night during opening act, the part of the play where the evil goblin threatens the poor boy is shown. The poor boy runs off in fear. Then the goblin is evilly laughing and the curtain closes finishing the act.

During the set change he goes to costume room to find Sean. Sean was very impressed with how well he did during the opening act. Now Sean helps prepare him for the finale. Sean tells him there are three rules to beating a Banshee and he must do all of them; or all is lost. first thing is for him to be fearless. So Sean persuades him to swallow a vial of spiders. Which he reluctantly does. Then Sean puts some special stones to the glamor pouch to tamper with it. Then Sean sprinkles dust and casts a spell on it. The second rule is too give Erin a taste of his own medicine, and not to take it himself anymore. The third rule is try and use Erin's spell against him. He must not take his eyes of off him. He needs to spellbind him locking his eyes with Erin's to turn the spell against him.

Back to the play, the final act is on now. Erin as Seamus Doyle is about to do the incantation with the boy as rehearsed many times before. However this time, after seeing the boy didn't drink from the pouch, and suspecting it tasted different he breaks character. Now he suspects he spoke too someone. So now foul play is afoot. Then Erin tosses the pouch into the audience and disappears. He is now worried, because he lost his gaze on him.

Erin then returned in his true Banshee form laughing diabolically, asking him if he was afraid of him. He kept on nervously backing away claiming that he was not. Erin closes in on him claiming him to be his. He cries for help to the audience saying it's really happening. But they all think it's part of the show and do nothing.

Then Sean appears on a tree branch and approaches Erin or whom he really knows as Gort, asking if he is still up to his old tricks again. Gort tells him that some old tricks still works and fires an energy ball at the prop tree and it knocks over in a crash and Sean appears to be gone. Then Gort closes in on him again claiming that he has waited seven years and now he is his. He cries no! Then Gort turns him into a frog.

Then Gort holds him in his clutches and laughs, while claiming him to be his. Then suddenly Sean reappears and makes Gort a trade: Sean tells Gort that he is his and that Gort's severed off tail will be his again. Since a Banshee is a type of pixie, a pixie is always forced to accept a trade, no matter for what in exchange. So Sean trades Gort the tail and says "yours be mine, and mine me be yours" Having lost his soul to feed on, Gort disappeared in a flash.

Then we see him sitting on a stone and Sean casts a reversing spell. Then he was turned back normal. Then Sean tells him he was now free and that he beat the Banshee. The audience is very impressed and all stand up and clap thinking it was all a show. Then he and Sean bow to the audience and Sean gave him his hat. The play: "Will o' the Wisp" was never play again, nor was Erin ever seen again. So now he was safe.



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