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This is a neutral character as well as a victim!

Jake O'Brien is a character created by Tucker. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Phone Police".


Jake O'Brien was a mischievous boy who enjoyed making prank phone calls. He would get arise out of the callers reactions. He had been doing it for quite some time. He kept on doing it, since he found it to be very amusing. His older and strict sister Annie didn't think it was so funny. She has warned him time and time again not to make them, but he didn't listen.

Then one night, when his parents were away on a vacation, he tried to teach his best friend Chris how to make a good prank call. Just when the prank was getting funny, Annie cut them off. Fed up with him making prank calls, she told him either what she though was a made up store that came to her mind, or a story that was true out of a 1 out of 10,000 chances, or something she knew about but pretended it was a story.

She told him all about the Phone Police and all about Billy Baxter who was captured by the Phone Police and disappeared years and years ago. Jake wanted to see for himself, if Billy Baxter  and the Phone Police really existed. He found his number in the phone book. He wasn't sure the number would even work because it only had 6 numbers instead of the usual 7. When he called the number there was static, and the screaming panicking voice of an older man screaming for his help. Jake was terrified and hung the phone up.

However, the person he called, kept calling him back over and over and over all throughout the night. This drive him crazy, the phone even rang after he unplugged it.

The next day, when he and his friend Chris were going out for a walk, a payphone nearby begun ringing. Chris asked him if the person on it, was the same person he called the night before and it was.

Fed up with the harassment, he decided to get some answers from the phone company. Little did he know he was about to get caught in a trap. He and Chris asked the Receptionist whose phone number it was suspecting it was foreign. The Receptionist rudely told him the number wasn't foreign just old and discontinued. He told her that it couldn't be, because he called the number and then someone started calling him back and it sounded static.

The Receptionist was shocked to hear, that he called the old number got an answer. She told him that he can check with the records department in the basement. What he and Chris didn't know was, that on their way down to the basement she contacted the Phone Police.

When he and Chris got to the Records Department, he rang the bell for service. He was then greeted by The Phone Company Manger. He explained the whole situation to the Manager and show him the paper with the old phone number on it. The Manager was greatly intrigued when he looked at it. He asked Jake to come behind the counter to have a word with him.

The Manager got really angry and confronted him about using the phone for making pranks and jokes. Jake was shocked and tried denying it. When suddenly the Phone Police officers confronted him and arrested him. Chris ran off to get help as this happened. Then suddenly he was thrown in a dark old jail cell and told he would never get out.

He tried screaming for help, then suddenly the phone in his cell rang. It was Billy Baxter who told him not to bother shouting because he knew from his own experiences that no one would hear him. He thought he could just call his parents or the police but Billy told him that his phone could only take incoming calls, but can only call back the last number that calls it. Billy laughed at him, telling him just to stay near the phone and maybe someday some prankster will call him and hung up.

Soon, Chris realized that when he was captured The Phone Police altered reality, and made it seem as if he never existed and was nothing but an urban legend. His number already was in the phone book and Billy's was gone.

Chris found out His families life was altered and his room was now a home office. His sister claimed that she never had a brother.

Soon Chris called Jake, and helped him bust out of the jail, and He and Chris were chased all the way home with a full police car chase. Then as soon as Jake escaped his reality was restored and his sister remembered him again.

After his sister answered the door, and got a pizza delivery guy at the wrong house. Then he and Chris thought they were just tired and weren't even sure anything had happened. Then to be on the safe side, he never made a prank call ever again!

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