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This character, is portrayed by a special guest star.

Jamie Leary is a character created by Stig. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Station 109.1".


Jamie is an average teenager. He is a part-time car mechanic. And he enjoys listening to a radio show called: Clark & Ryan. His younger brother Chris had an obsession with death and the afterlife. His brother developed this obsession, after playing a game of capture the flag with his friends in a graveyard. So now his brother dressed all in black. Also his brother was always talking about death and acting out funerals. Along with saying and doing things to creep the whole family out. He and his parents were beginning to get fed up with his brother constantly acting this way.

Then another day later, on his was out he saw his brother seal an insect inside a large glass jar, wondering how long it can survive in it for. He was now fed up with him and his obsession. At his part-time, his friend Sid the Mechanic gave him the idea to do something to make him snap out of it: A hearse came into the garage for some servicing. So he thought he could scare his brother by tricking him into thinking it was haunted. His brother was ecstatic and could not wait to check out the inside of the hearse. When his brother laid down inside, suddenly the radio blared with loud music. The horn honked non-stop and the windshield wipers went back and forth non-stop.

Turns out he connected the engine to a huge battery and jump started the engine. This made everything go off at the same time. He scared his brother out of his skin. For a moment his brother really thought that the hearse was haunted. Then his brother looked out the window and saw him laughing. Realizing the cruel joke, he yelled at him to let him out. But he just kept laughing at him, and told him to be quiet or he would wake the dead.

Afterwards, he bumped into a elderly old man. The old man seemed a bit disoriented. So he asked him if he can help him find the way "home". He was confused and creeped out. So he said no and walked away. Then suddenly the old man slowly disappeared. What he didn't know was that while his brother was in the hearse, a private radio station broadcasted a message. It was to help lost deceased people find their way to the afterlife. If they didn't immediately leave at the time of their death. The message was intended for this elderly old man, but his brother heard it by mistake.

The next day, his brother seemed to be missing for a while. Then suddenly he could hear him on the radio. He had tuned in for the 4 pm Clark & Ryan's show, but his brother took over their broadcast. His brother explained to him that he was at Station 109.1.  A crossover station and they thought he was Daniel Carpenter who recently died. So they were trying to send him to the afterlife. Also that he ran away once and tried to come home but he couldn't see, hear or feel him. At first he thought this was all a practical joke, and didn't believe him. Then suddenly, the old man he bumped into the night before appeared again. Now he revealed to him that he was Daniel Carpenter. Now both he and Chris really needed his help before it was too late.

With some serious persuasion, he finally drove Daniel to the station. He and Daniel got to the radio station just in time. He and Daniel broke in, and they made it to the afterlife entrance room. His brother was just about to be forcefully escorted through the bright light at the doors. He screamed to DJ Roy (the man in charge of the station) to stop because his brother wasn't dead. However DJ Roy didn't believe them. So his brother was thrown in through the doors. He stared in horrific shock and screamed no! Then suddenly a loud crashing sound, with a huge shaking little tremor was heard from behind the doors. Roy was worried because that's apparently never happened before.

Daniel, then furiously told Roy that he was Daniel Carpenter and called him a fool. He backed Daniel up saying that he just sent his brother through and he was still alive. Then suddenly with a powerful shaking tremor, the doors to the afterlife swung open and his brother was thrown back out. They were all shocked to see him. He was amazed and he asked him if he really went to the other side and if he was okay. His brother yes he did, and "they" rejected him and "they" said he wasn't dead yet. Then he watched his brother madly tell Roy that "they" also wanted a word with you. Roy very worried, that he would face his bosses wrath finally realized he actually did make a mistake, and tried to apologize to them. So Roy rearranged it for Daniel to go in place of his brother. Like it should have been in the first place.

He and his brother watched the doors to the afterlife open, as Daniel was ready to embrace it. Before he went, Roy nicely told them that it will be only horrible if you lead a bad life. If you lead a good life it's the best thing going. Soon he was happy to see that his brother finally decided that he had enough of his obsession and decided to let loose and enjoy life again.


  • This was actor Ryan Gosling's first role in a TV show or movie.
  • According to an interview D.J. MacHale, originally had Ryan Gosling in mind to portray a Member Society Member. However he turned it down to appear in the New Mickey Club.
  • Ryan Gosling also starred as Greg Banks in the Goosebumps episode "Say Cheese and Die".

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